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Customer Care - GSA Schedule Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a GSA Schedule?

A: Yes, we are agents on a number of GSA Schedules. These schedules require an agent for an order to be placed. Please review the information below and contact us for a quotation.

Q: What types of products are on the schedules?

A: Virtually everything! Just a small listing of products includes: HP DesignJet Plotters, Printers, Computers, Servers, Software, Storage, and Monitors. The DesignJet schedule even includes some of the more expensive plotter supplies. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific item on the schedule.

Q: What manufacturers are available on the schedules?

A: Acer, Adaptec, APC, ASK Proxima, Compaq, Digi, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, IBM Software/Lotus, IBM Printers, Infocus, Iomega, Lexmark, NEC/Mitsubishi Monitors, NEC/Mitsubishi Projectors, Oki Data, StorCase and Viewsonic.

Q: Who can purchase on the schedules?

A: The Federal Government and sometimes State and Local Agencies can order from the schedules. Some schedules even allow Public Educational Institutions to order from schedules. Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us for specifics on the products you are interested in and we will generate a quotation for you.

Q: Can I use my IMPACT card or purchasing card?

A: If you are eligible to purchase from the schedule you can place an order over the phone using your purchasing card. However, there is a special phone number to order from each schedule. Please contact us for a quotation and ordering instructions.

Q: What about educational institutions?

A: Recognized and accredited institutions may be able to purchase on some schedules. Even if you cannot purchase on a schedule, Academic Pricing is sometimes available for specific manufacturers. Compaq/HP has a special academic buying program that is similar to a GSA Schedule for Academic Institutions. Please contact us for more information concerning any of these buying programs.

Q: Can I use a Purchase Order with the schedules?

A: Of course you can! However, the Purchase Order must be addressed a certain way before it is mailed or faxed. Please call or email us for this information. We must know the items you are interested in as well as the quantities involved.

Q: Will the schedule pricing be the same as your website?

A: Our website is considered open market pricing from a CCR registered, small, woman-owned business. Schedule prices are preset and cannot be altered. However, often schedule pricing is in the same price level as our open market prices. This is one reason why we encourage you to contact us for a quotation before placing an order with a GSA Schedule.

Q: I have another question.

A: If you still have questions, CALL US at 866-469-2678 and we will be happy to assist you.

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