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AppleCare Protection Plan

Mfg Part #: MD006LL/A

AppleCare Protection Plan

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With the AppleCare Protection Plan, you can extend your service coverage to three years from the computer's purchase date. You can call Apple's award-winning technical support experts as often as you like and get your questions answered. And if you need repair service, Apple also offers convenient service options around the world.

Because Apple designs the computer, the operating system, and many included applications, just one phone call can help resolve most issues with your Mac. Whether you are sitting in the comfort of your home or office or on the go, you can get direct access to Apple's experts for questions on a wide range of Mac topics, including: Mac troubleshooting, Using the Mac OS X operating system, Quick how-to questions about iLife and iWork, connecting to printers and AirPort networks.

The AppleCare Protection Plan provides global repair coverage, both parts and labor, from Apple-authorized technicians around the world - perfect whether you work at a desk or travel with your Mac.

Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #MD006LL/A
Manufacturer UPC #0885909474691
Cost Central Item #11318157
Product DescriptionAppleCare Protection Plan - Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 3 years ( from original purchase date of the equipment ) - on-site - for P/N: MC309CI/A, MC812CI/A, MC812ZP/A, MC813CI/A, MC814/CTO, MC814CI/A, MC814ZM/A
TypeExtended service agreement
Service IncludedParts and labor
Full Contract Period3 years ( from original purchase date of the equipment )
Designed ForP/N: MC309, MC309CI/A, MC309E/A, MC309PL/A, MC309PO/A, MC309RS/A, MC812, MC812CI/A, MC812F/4A, MC812PL/A, MC812PO/A, MC812RS/A, MC812Z/A, MC812ZP/A, MC813, MC813CI/A, MC813PL/A, MC813PO/A, MC813RS/A, MC813Z/A, MC814, MC814/CTO, MC814CI/A, MC814PL/A, MC814PO/A, MC814RS/A, MC814Z/A, MC814ZM/A

Extended Specifications

TypeExtended service agreement
Service IncludedParts and labor
Full Contract Period3 years ( from original purchase date of the equipment )
Service & Support DetailsExtended service agreement - parts and labor - 3 years - on-site
Technical support - phone consulting - 3 years
Technical support - web knowledge base access - 3 years
Compatibility Information
Designed ForP/N: MC309, MC309B/A, MC309C/A, MC309CI/A, MC309D/A, MC309DK/A, MC309E/A, MC309F/A, MC309FN/A, MC309H/A, MC309K/A, MC309LL/A, MC309LZ/A, MC309N/A, MC309PL/A, MC309PO/A, MC309RS/A, MC309S/A, MC309SM/A, MC309T/A, MC309X/A, MC309Y/A, MC309Z/A, MC309ZH/A, MC812, MC812B/A, MC812C/A, MC812CI/A, MC812D/A, MC812DK/A, MC812E/A, MC812F/4A, MC812F/A, MC812FN/A, MC812H/A, MC812K/A, MC812LL/A, MC812LZ/A, MC812N/A, MC812PL/A, MC812PO/A, MC812RS/A, MC812S/A, MC812SM/A, MC812T/A, MC812X/A, MC812Y/A, MC812Z/A, MC812ZH/A, MC812ZP/A, MC813, MC813B/A, MC813C/A, MC813CI/A, MC813D/A, MC813DK/A, MC813E/A, MC813F/A, MC813FN/A, MC813H/A, MC813K/A, MC813LL/A, MC813LZ/A, MC813N/A, MC813PL/A, MC813PO/A, MC813RS/A, MC813S/A, MC813SM/A, MC813T/A, MC813X/A, MC813Y/A, MC813Z/A, MC813ZH/A, MC814, MC814/CTO, MC814B/A, MC814C/A, MC814CI/A, MC814D/A, MC814DK/A, MC814E/A, MC814F/A, MC814FN/A, MC814H/A, MC814K/A, MC814LL/A, MC814LZ/A, MC814N/A, MC814PL/A, MC814PO/A, MC814RS/A, MC814S/A, MC814SM/A, MC814T/A, MC814X/A, MC814Y/A, MC814Z/A, MC814ZH/A, MC814ZM/A

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