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CP Technologies Worldcharge

Mfg Part #: WCAC01H

CP Technologies Worldcharge

Ordering Information
Our Price$31.62
ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
Out of Stock as of 5:04pm 4/2/2014

Compact design

Overload, over-temperature, and over-voltage protection

Rapid charge technology for faster, more accurate charging

Plug-and-Play, no installation or setup

General Specifications

ManufacturerCP Technologies
Manufacturer Part #WCAC01H
Manufacturer UPC #0846359016091
Cost Central Item #11385133
Product DescriptionWorldcharge - Power adapter - for Compaq Presario V2710; HP Pavilion ze2501, ze2502, ze2503, ze2505, ze2506, ze2507, ze2508
Device TypePower adapter - external
Output connector(s)1 x power DC jack
Manufacturer Warranty3 years warranty
Designed ForCompaq Presario C550, C559, V2710; Presario Media Center C555, C556, C559, C571; HP Pavilion dv1013, dv1014, dv1018, dv1026, dv1027, dv1029, dv1031, dv1065, dv5001, ze2101, ze2106, ze2107, ze2125, ze2139, ze2140, ze2151, ze2155, ze2200, ze2501, ze2502, ze2503, ze2504, ze2505, ze2506, ze2507, ze2508

Extended Specifications

Device TypePower adapter - external
Power Device
Input Connector(s)Power 3-pole
Power Output Connectors Details1 x power DC jack
Cables IncludedPower cable
FeaturesOvervoltage protection, overload protection, thermal protection
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support3 years warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 3 years
Compatibility Information
Designed ForCompaq Presario C500EA, C500EU, C501nr, C501TU, C502CA, C502EA, C502EU, C502TU, C502US, C503TU, C503WM, C504EA, C504EU, C504TU, C504US, C505TU, c506ca, C507US, C508US, C509NR, C518LA, C540EA, C542EA, C550ed, C550EF, C550EM, C550es, C551NR, C551TU, C552CA, C552TU, C552US, C553TU, C554TU, C554US, C555EA, C555EM, C555NR, C556CA, C557CL, C559EM, C560TU, C560US, C561TU, C562TU, C563TU, C567TU, C568LA, C570EA, C571EA, C571NR, C572TU, C573TU, C577TU, C578TU, C581WM, C582TU, V2036AP, V2200, V2300, V2305US, V2372ap, V2400, V2401AU, V2401CL, V2406AU, V2424AU, V2508WM, V2575CA, V2600, V2601CL, V2602TN, V2603TN, V2605LA, V2606TS, V2607TS, V2608CA, V2608TS, V2610US, V2611AU, V2612TS, V2613AU, V2614AU, V2615US, V2616TN, V2617TN, V2617TS, V2618TN, V2618TS, V2619TS, V2621TN, V2625TN, V2629AU, V2630AU, V2630TS, V2630US, V2631TN, V2632TS, V2633AU, V2633TN, V2633TS, V2636AU, V2641TS, V2642TS, V2647TS, V2651TS, V2652AU, V2652TS, V2653AU, V2653TS, V2654AU, V2655AU, V2658TS, V2658US, V2667AU, V2668AU, V2669AU, V2670AU, V2671AU, V2710US, V2718WM
Compaq Presario Media Center C502EA, C502EU, C504EA, C504EU, C542EA, C555EA, C555EL, C555EM, C555EU, C556EM, C559EF, C571EA
HP Pavilion dv1005AP, dv1007AP, dv1008AP, dv1011AP, dv1013AP, dv1014AP, dv1017AP, dv1018AP, dv1020AP, dv1021AP, dv1022AP, dv1023AP, dv1024AP, dv1025AP, dv1026AP, dv1027AP, dv1029AP, dv1030AP, dv1031AP, dv1065EA, dv1065us, DV4003AP, DV4012AP, DV4017AP, dv4019EA, dv4023AP, dv4024EA, DV4040CA, dv5000, dv5000EA, dv5001xx, dv5003cl, dv5007EA, dv5012EA, dv5017cl, dv5023EA, dv5024EA, dv5029us, dv5035NR, dv5047EA, dv5061EA, dv5063EA, dv5084EA, ze2008wm, ze2011AP, ze2018ap, ze2020ca, ze2039EA, ze2050ea, ze2065EA, ze2090EA, ze2101EA, ze2106EA, ze2107EA, ze2120ca, ze2125EA, ze2139EA, ze2140EA, ze2151EA, ze2155EA, ze2200, ze2200Z, ze2276EA, ze2343EA, ze2401xt, ze2501au, ze2502au, ze2503au, ze2504au, ze2505au, ze2506au, ze2507au, ze2508au
HP Pavilion Media Center dv5029us, dv5030us

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