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CP Technologies Worldcharge

Mfg Part #: WCAC05H

CP Technologies Worldcharge

Ordering Information
Our Price$34.92
ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
Out of Stock as of 2:47am 3/29/2014

Ultra-slim design

Convenient USB charge port for smaller electronics

Overload, over-temperature, and over-voltage protection

Rapid charge technology for faster, more accurate charging

Plug-and-Play, no installation or setup

General Specifications

ManufacturerCP Technologies
Manufacturer Part #WCAC05H
Manufacturer UPC #0846359016138
Cost Central Item #11385136
Product DescriptionWorldcharge - Power adapter - for HP 2510, 510, 65XX, 67XX, 6910; Business Notebook nx6330, nx8420; Pavilion dv4, dv5, dv7
Device TypePower adapter - external
Output connector(s)1 x power DC jack
Manufacturer Warranty3 years warranty
Designed ForHP 2510, 510, 6510, 6515, 6710, 6715, 6730, 6910; Business Notebook nx6115, nx6330, nx8420, nx9420; Pavilion dv4, dv5, dv7

Extended Specifications

Device TypePower adapter - external
Power Device
Power Output Connectors Details1 x power DC jack
FeaturesOvervoltage protection, overload protection, thermal protection
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support3 years warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 3 years
Compatibility Information
Designed ForHP Pavilion dv7-2113eo, dv7-2205eb, dv7-3164cl, dv7-4020em, dv7-4030em, dv7-4030si, dv7-4033tx, dv7-4060si, dv7-4100em, dv7-4103sg, dv7-4111ez, dv7-4120em, dv7-4140ef, dv7-4141eb, dv7-4141ed, dv7-4141sa, dv7-4143ed, dv7-4150ed, dv7-4150em, dv7-4156sg, dv7-4158sg, dv7-4160sf, dv7-4167ef, dv7-4168sf, dv7-4169ef, dv7-4170eg, dv7-4170ss, dv7-4190ef, dv7-4288ca, dv7-4295us, dv7-4296nr, dv7-4310ef, dv7-4310sf, dv7-4320el, dv7-4350ec, dv7-4362ef, dv7-4372ef, dv7-4381eg, dv7-4381sg, dv7-6000eo, dv7-6000sa, dv7-6000sg, dv7-6001sg, dv7-6003sg, dv7-6004ea, dv7-6007sg, dv7-6010eo, dv7-6010so, dv7-6011tx, dv7-6012tx, dv7-6013eg, dv7-6013tx, dv7-6014tx, dv7-6015eg, dv7-6025eg, dv7-6030eo, dv7-6031eo, dv7-6032sg, dv7-6033eo, dv7-6035ed, dv7-6036eo, dv7-6040ew, dv7-6040sf, dv7-6040sg, dv7-6045sg, dv7-6050ea, dv7-6050ef, dv7-6050es, dv7-6055ef, dv7-6055eo, dv7-6055sf, dv7-6056eo, dv7-6058eo, dv7-6059eo, dv7-6070ca, dv7-6070ef, dv7-6070ss, dv7-6080eg, dv7-6080el, dv7-6081eg, dv7-6085eg, dv7-6090ef, dv7-6090es, dv7-6097ef, dv7-6100eo, dv7-6100sg, dv7-6101eg, dv7-6101eo, dv7-6101sa, dv7-6101sd, dv7-6101sg, dv7-6103ea, dv7-6103eg, dv7-6103sg, dv7-6104eg, dv7-6105ed, dv7-6105sd, dv7-6106so, dv7-6107tx, dv7-6108eo, dv7-6109sg, dv7-6110sl, dv7-6110so, dv7-6111eo, dv7-6111sg, dv7-6112tx, dv7-6115eg, dv7-6117so, dv7-6120es, dv7-6122sg, dv7-6130sb, dv7-6135dx, dv7-6140eg, dv7-6140eo, dv7-6141eg, dv7-6141eo, dv7-6142so, dv7-6143eo, dv7-6145eg, dv7-6150eb, dv7-6150eo, dv7-6150sg, dv7-6151ed, dv7-6151ef, dv7-6151eo, dv7-6151sd, dv7-6151sf, dv7-6153ea, dv7-6154ea, dv7-6154sf, dv7-6157sf, dv7-6162sf, dv7-6163ef, dv7-6163sf, dv7-6168nr, dv7-6170sf, dv7-6170ss, dv7-6171sf, dv7-6175us, dv7-6179us, dv7-6180eb, dv7-6180sl, dv7-6184ca, dv7-6185us, dv7-6186eg, dv7-6187cl, dv7-6188ca, dv7-6189sl, dv7-6190ed, dv7-6190ef, dv7-6190eg, dv7-6190sf, dv7-6190sl, dv7-6192sf, dv7-6195eg, dv7-6195us, dv7-6197ca, dv7-6b02eg, dv7-6b51ss, dv7-6b95eo, dv7-6B99sf

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