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CP Technologies Worldcharge

Mfg Part #: WCH0015

CP Technologies Worldcharge

Ordering Information
Our Price$55.00
ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
Out of Stock as of 2:47am 3/29/2014

WORLDCHARGE strives for quality in Laptop Batteries and AC Adapters from top to bottom. Every unit is tested and analyzed in original equipment to ensure 100% functionality prior to leaving the warehouse. WORLDCHARGE Laptop Batteries and AC Adapters will always be value-leaders with a lower purchase price, highest quality, and greatest reliability!

Product Highlights
  • Every unit is pre-charged and tested in original equipment to ensure 100% functionality
  • WORLDCHARGE batteries will outperform right out of the box
  • CP Technologies harnesses the power of technology to reduce and eliminate high overheads, passing on the savings to you
  • Every SKU has a proven track-record of dependability, availability and value

General Specifications

ManufacturerCP Technologies
Manufacturer Part #WCH0015
Manufacturer UPC #0846359015155
Cost Central Item #11318291
Product DescriptionWorldcharge - Notebook battery - 1 x lithium ion 6-cell 4400 mAh - for Compaq Presario CQ40, CQ60, CQ70; HP HDX X16-1155, HDX X16-1299; Pavilion dv4, dv5
Device TypeNotebook battery
Approximate Weight11.2 oz
BatteryLithium ion 6-cell - 4400 mAh
Batteries Qty1
Approximate Dimensions (WxDxH)8.1 in x 2 in x 0.8 in
Manufacturer Warranty1 year warranty
Designed ForCompaq Presario CQ40, CQ50, CQ60, CQ70; HP G71, HDX X16-1000, HDX X16-1001, HDX X16-1005, HDX X16-1010, HDX X16-1025, HDX X16-1040, HDX X16-1044, HDX X16-1056, HDX X16-1060, HDX X16-1155, HDX X16-1160, HDX X16-1275, HDX X16-1280, HDX X16-1299, HDX X16-1350, HDX X16-1380; Pavilion dv4, dv5

Extended Specifications

Device TypeNotebook battery
Technology6-cell lithium ion
Voltage Provided10.8 V
Capacity4400 mAh
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support1 year warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 1 year
Dimensions & Weight
Approximate Width8.1 in
Approximate Depth2 in
Approximate Height0.8 in
Approximate Weight11.2 oz
Compatibility Information
Designed ForHP Pavilion dv4-1004tu, dv4-1014nr, dv4-1041tx, dv4-1042tx, dv4-1048tx, dv4-1049tx, dv4-1090es, dv4-1120br, dv4-1125nr, dv4-1126la, dv4-1127la, dv4-1130br, dv4-1135br, dv4-1136br, dv4-1140ek, dv4-1144us, dv4-1158tx, dv4-1160tx, dv4-1180br, dv4-1190br, dv4-1211ea, dv4-1213la, dv4-1214la, dv4-1220br, dv4-1223la, dv4-1225la, dv4-1227LA, dv4-1228la, dv4-1229la, dv4-1235br, dv4-1250br, dv4-1272cm, dv4-1280br, dv4-1280us, dv4-1282cm, dv4-1287cl, dv4-1290br, dv4-1292cm, dv4-1320ca, dv4-1322us, dv4-1365dx, dv4-1412la, dv4-1413la, dv4-1414la, dv4-1416la, dv4-1421la, dv4-1423la, dv4-1424la, dv4-1425la, dv4-1427nr, dv4-1428dx, dv4-1428la, dv4-1430us, dv4-1431us, dv4-1433sb, dv4-1435ca, dv4-1435dx, dv4-1444dx, dv4-1514dx, dv4-1520la, dv4-1521la, dv4-1522la, dv4-1523la, dv4-1524la, dv4-1525la, dv4-1528la, dv4-1530br, dv4-1530ca, dv4-1540us, dv4-1541us, dv4-1547sb, dv4-1548dx, dv4-1550br, dv4-1551dx, dv4-1555dx, dv4-1580br, dv4-1621la, dv4-1622la, dv4-1624la, dv4-1626la, dv5-1002nr, dv5-1003cl, dv5-1005ec, dv5-1005eg, dv5-1010us, dv5-1020es, dv5-1028ca, dv5-1050tx, dv5-1060ec, dv5-1099nr, dv5-1100, dv5-1100el, dv5-1104el, dv5-1114es, dv5-1115ec, dv5-1118es, dv5-1119eg, dv5-1121el, dv5-1122eg, dv5-1122el, dv5-1124el, dv5-1132es, dv5-1140la, dv5-1142eg, dv5-1147la, dv5-1150em, dv5-1155ec, dv5-1156eg, dv5-1157eg, dv5-1161eg, dv5-1190eg, dv5-1191eg, dv5-1198eg, dv5-1203eg, dv5-1203em, dv5-1204em, dv5-1205ef, dv5-1205eo, dv5-1209ax, dv5-1209eo, dv5-1210ec, dv5-1210eg, dv5-1210em, dv5-1210en, dv5-1210ez, dv5-1211ax, dv5-1211ea, dv5-1212eo, dv5-1213ea, dv5-1214el, dv5-1215ef, dv5-1215em, dv5-1220br, dv5-1220eg, dv5-1220em, dv5-1220ez, dv5-1222tx, dv5-1223tx, dv5-1230ec, dv5-1230ew, dv5-1235ec, dv5-1235la, dv5-1240br, dv5-1240ew, dv5-1241la, dv5-1244la, dv5-1247la, dv5-1250ec, dv5-1250eg, dv5-1251nr, dv5-1252eg, dv5-1253cl, dv5-1253eg, dv5-1254eg, dv5-1260br, dv5-1270br, dv5-1270eg, dv5-1290eg, dv5-1299ei, dv5-1299ew, dv5-1334ca

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