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Cisco Configuration Professional


Cisco Configuration Professional

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Cisco Configuration Professional is a graphical user interface (GUI) device management tool for Cisco IOS software-based access routers. Cisco Configuration Professional simplifies router, security, unified communications, wireless, WAN and basic LAN configuration through GUI-based easy-to-use wizards. The workflows in Cisco Configuration Professional help medium-sized business and enterprise customers and Cisco partners to quickly and easily deploy, configure, and monitor a Cisco router without requiring knowledge of the command-line interface (CLI).

Cisco Configuration Professional is a valuable productivity-enhancing tool for network administrator and channel partners deploying routers in medium-sized businesses and enterprise branch offices. Cisco Configuration Professional allows them to implement router, unified communications, security, and wireless network configurations with reduced cost and increased confidence and ease. Cisco Configuration Professional configurations have been approved by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), which means that configuration checks built into Cisco Configuration Professional reduce errors. Cisco Configuration Professional also helps customers avoid potential network issues by proactively monitoring router performance statistics, system logs, and security logs in real time.

Cisco Configuration Professional offers smart wizards and advanced configuration support for Cisco LAN and WAN interfaces, Network Address Translation (NAT), stateful and application firewall policy, IPS, IPSec VPN, QoS, and NAC policy features.

Cisco Configuration Professional is the device manager for the ISRs and will replace SDM (Cisco router and Security Device Manager) over time. Like SDM, Cisco Configuration Professional assumes a general understanding of networking technologies and terms but assists individuals unfamiliar with the Cisco CLI. Over time Cisco Configuration Professional functionality will expand to include more voice features and other technologies.

Comprehensive remote management
Turn the router into a security, voice, and remote-access solution with its own management tool and allow remote management from any supported desktop or laptop.

Out-of-the-box router configuration
Cisco Configuration Professional Express is a slimmed down version of the Cisco Configuration Professional GUI tool embedded in the router's flash that helps Cisco partners and customers with out-of-the-box configuration of access router LAN/WAN interfaces and minimal Cisco IOS software security features.

At-a-glance router status views
At-a-glance router status views offer quick graphical summary of router hardware, software, and primary router services such as VPN, firewall, quality of service (QoS), and so on.

Smart wizards for most frequent router and security configuration tasks
Smart wizards generate Cisco TAC-approved configurations. It averts misconfigurations with integrated routing and security knowledge. It also reduces network administrators' training needs for Cisco IOS software security features and secures the existing network infrastructure easily and cost-effectively.

WAN and VPN troubleshooting
WAN and VPN troubleshooting reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) by taking advantage of the integration of routing, LAN, WAN, and security features on the router for detailed troubleshooting. You can takes advantage of integration of routing, LAN, WAN, and security features on the router for detailed troubleshooting of IPsec VPNs or WAN links.

Network-based application recognition (NBAR)
Network-based application recognition (NBAR) provides real-time validation of application usage of WAN and VPN bandwidth against predefined service policies.

Real-time monitoring and logging
Real-time monitoring and logging allows administrators to proactively manage router resources and security before they affect mission-critical applications on the network.

Real-time network and router resource monitoring
Real-time network and router resource monitoring offer faster and easier analysis of router resource and network resource usage. It also offers graphical charts for LAN and WAN traffic and bandwidth usage.

Cisco Configuration Professional Express wizard-based deployment of router
Cisco Configuration Professional Express wizard-based deployment of router offers quick and easy router deployment for basic WAN access configurations. It is ideal router deployment tool for nonexpert users.

Digital certificates
Digital certificates offer highly scalable and more secure solution than pre-shared keys. Now it is easy to use and deploy with the combination of Cisco Configuration Professional, Cisco IOS Software Certificate Authority Server, and Easy Secure Device Deployment (EzSDD) feature.

Role-based access
Use Cisco IOS software CLI views feature to define restricted task-based roles for different router administrators and users. It allows Cisco value-added resellers and service providers to offer a graphical, read-only view of the customer premises equipment (CPE) services to end customers.

Product Highlights
  • Router security audit
  • One-step router lockdown

This product is media ONLY; it does not include any licenses. The Manufacturer of this product requires that licenses are purchased together with this product. Orders placed without matching licenses will unfortunately be canceled.

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Per Cisco policy, all Cisco sales must be shipped to the end-user customer. Please contact us at 1-866-469-2678 for details or questions.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #ISR-CCP-CD-NOCONF
Cost Central Item #11011280
Product DescriptionCisco Configuration Professional - Media - CD
CategoryNetworking applications
SubcategoryNetwork - monitoring & performance management, network - system & remote management
License TypeMedia
Distribution MediaCD-ROM
OS RequiredCisco IOS

Extended Specifications

CategoryNetworking applications
SubcategoryNetwork - monitoring & performance management, network - system & remote management
License TypeMedia
Distribution MediaCD-ROM
System Requirements
OS RequiredCisco IOS
Peripheral / Interface DevicesCD-ROM

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