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Computer Associates CA ARCserve Backup Client Agent for Windows

Mfg Part #: GMRBABWB20W22CG

Computer Associates CA ARCserve Backup Client Agent for Windows
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CA ARCserve Backup, a high-performance, industry-leading data protection product, unites innovative data deduplication technology, powerful storage resource management (SRM) reporting, disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) and virtual Tape library (VTL) backup and comprehensive security measures - making it one of the market's most secure, reliable and efficient methods of protecting the information residing on your physical and virtual servers. With its wide range of powerful, centralized and easy-to-use management tools, CA ARCserve backup helps you ensure the integrity and availability of your most important and strategic business asset - your data.

As organizations create increasingly vast volumes of information - and treat this data as a strategic business asset - there is a heightened emphasis on protecting it from a variety of threats. And to ensure comprehensive data security, enterprises need a robust solution that helps them quickly recover from disruptions before the business is negatively affected. With CA ARCserve Backup, organizations gain easy to- use tools and innovative technology that deliver complete data protection across the enterprise.

With comprehensive data protection capabilities that work together to secure business-critical information against a wide range of threats, CA ARCserve Backup promotes both information availability and accessibility. As such, CA ARCserve Backup helps you quickly prepare for, respond to and recover from the disasters and disruptions that would otherwise threaten the integrity and reliability of your core business operations.

CA ARCserve Backup offers the best-of-breed features and functionality enterprises of every size and type need to adequately protect the mission-critical data they rely on each day. In this way, CA ARCserve Backup ensures that the data organizations create is available and recoverable following a disaster or disruption. Moreover, CA ARCserve Backup stands as a core component of a larger network of CA technologies that integrate with one another to help organizations unify and simplify their IT management initiatives.

With the tremendous volumes of data that modern enterprises create, transmit and manage each day, it is imperative that organizations are well equipped to quickly resume operations in the event of a disaster or disruption. And as the reliance on this data has grown, so too have the number, type and severity of the threats it faces each day - including everything from viruses, malware and accidental or malicious data corruption to application failures and natural disasters. To promote a safe, reliable infrastructure, your organization needs proven, comprehensive data protection measures that help you quickly recover from a disruption before downtime negatively affects business operations or customer relations.

CA ARCserve Backup helps you ensure the reliability and availability of your business critical data by providing you with easy-to-use tools, innovative technology and exceptional performance that delivers complete data protection across your organization.

Centralized management and administration
Utilizes a three-tier architecture that allows your administrators to manage, modify and control backup and restore jobs, media devices, activity logs, alerts, catalogs, product licensing and reports from a single point that spans local and remote servers and locations.

Advanced backup and restore support
Employs specific agents to support your core applications - including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Oracle, Lotus Domino, SAP R/3 and Sybase - and helps you ensure data integrity by protecting the transaction log, archive log and journal files and all associated data.

Flexible backup methods
Include backup to disk, backup to tape, D2D2T backup, VTL and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service snapshot support, hardware snapshot support, multiplexing and multistreaming - which work in concert to provide you with high-performance, non-disruptive backup and restore operations that meet the specific needs of your mission-critical information and data assets.

Efficient backup processes
Feature patent-pending data deduplication and SRM reporting functionality that eliminates redundant data, reduces storage costs, enables you to store more recovery points on a given disk and provides actionable information that helps you improve the performance and reliability of your backup, storage and server environment.

CA Xosoft replication integration
Enables you to browse and backup replicated data, restore data to the production or replica server, create synthetic full backups, view CA XOsoft Replication reports and launch the CA XOsoft graphical user interface (GUI) from within the CA ARCserve GUI.

Wan bandwidth-optimized remote office backups
Enable you to replicate remote office data to your central data center and perform non-disruptive replica server backups that eliminate the need to implement a tape-based backup solution at your recovery sites - helping you better utilize your existing backup resources and save time and money.

Protection for virtual servers
Allows you to incorporate VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technologies into your overall backup strategy - increasing the flexibility and performance of your environment.

64-bit platform support
Enables you to leverage the performance and scalability benefits of 64-bit hardware platforms in your backup servers and protect applications running on 64-bit operating systems.

Smart restore capability
Redirects restore jobs to other media containing the same data without any manual intervention, reducing the chances that errors will negatively affect recovery processes.

Incremental and differential VSS support
Reduces the time needed to protect the applications supporting your Microsoft VSS framework.

Integrated data deduplication
Improves the economics of disk-based backup solutions by enabling longer retention periods, providing you with a cost-effective means of reducing storage needs, protecting critical data and integrating, configuring and managing data deduplication in your existing backup environment.

Enhanced virtualization support
Allows you to perform image- and file-level backup and restores in VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 environments, and establish a schedule for full, image-level and daily incremental backups as your needs dictate. In addition, new, unique "1-step" granular file recovery provides you with a fast and simple process you can employ to recover the data residing on virtual servers.

Dashboard with SRM reporting
Offers graphical insight into your backup environment and allows you to monitor the status of all backup activities, find the nodes that are taking the longest, locate backed up data, discover if data is encrypted and ready for disaster recovery and track volume, disk and memory usage on each of your production servers.

Access control and auditing
Integrates Windows authentication into the audit and role management process, improving your ability to determine and control which users have full access to backup resources and which ones have limited permissions.

Encryption key management
Provides password management capabilities for encryption keys, shortening the time it takes to recover encrypted backup data and eliminating the need to repeatedly provide passwords for recovery purposes.

Media assure technology
Validates that the data on your backup media is readable and writable, helping you report on the usability of all media and verify if it is accessible without identification.

Oracle rman and 64-bit platform compatibility
Simplifies the backup of Oracle databases and supports the backup of Oracle databases on both 32- and 64-bit platforms.

Agent deployment packages
Leverage a wizard-like application that lets you simultaneously install and upgrade CA ARCserve Backup agents on multiple remote hosts, so you can ensure that you are running the most current versions of all agents in your backup environment.

Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

ManufacturerComputer Associates
Manufacturer Part #GMRBABWB20W22CG
Cost Central Item #10176657
Product DescriptionCA ARCserve Backup Client Agent for Windows - Enterprise Maintenance Renewal ( 1 year ) - 1 server - OLP - Win - Multiple
CategoryNetworking applications
SubcategoryNetwork - network backup
License TypeEnterprise Maintenance Renewal
License Validation Period1 year
License Qty1 server
License PricingVolume
Licensing ProgramComputer Associates Open License Program (OLP)
Service & SupportNew releases update

Extended Specifications

CategoryNetworking applications
SubcategoryNetwork - network backup
License TypeEnterprise Maintenance Renewal
License Validation Period1 year
License Qty1 server
License PricingVolume
Licensing ProgramComputer Associates Open License Program (OLP)
Service & Support
Service & SupportNew releases update
Service & Support DetailsNew releases update - 1 year
Phone consulting - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
Web knowledge base access - 1 year
Web support - 1 year

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