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Computer Associates CA ARCserve D2D for Windows Workstation Edition

Mfg Part #: CAD2WS165W050G4

Computer Associates CA ARCserve D2D for Windows Workstation Edition
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Your business needs comprehensive data protection that helps you quickly recover from disruptions and data loss before downtime negatively affects business operations or customer relations.

CA ARCserve D2D provides fast image-based backup to disk that simplifies protecting and recovering your business data on both physical and virtual servers. With its patent-pending Infinite Incremental I2 technology, you can perform more frequent backups, achieve rapid system and data recovery and reduce storage requirements and cost. Its innovative Web 2.0 interface makes deployment, management and maintenance quick and easy.

Block level infinite incremental backup
Like deduplication, this patent-pending technology uses less storage space, performs backups faster and puts less of a load on your production servers. Disk-to-disk backups are based on block-level I2 technology from CA Technologies. This technology has been designed to intelligently manage the backup of only blocks of data that have changed since the last backup and present a consolidated point-in-time view of the protected volume for multiple recovery types, reducing your recovery time.

Single-snapshot backup with five restore types
Single-pass backup enables you to rapidly restore files, volumes, databases, Microsoft Exchange emails or the entire system to any server in both physical and virtual environments. One snapshot helps to ensure recovery of your data in the most efficient manner.

Bare-metal restore to dissimilar hardware
Bare-metal restore offers a lightning-fast way to recover a crashed server to the same or dissimilar hardware. It simply paints the picture of the original drive back onto the new drive and restarts the system.

Application-consistent snapshot backups
For fast application recovery, this ensures that the application is being properly quiesced and backed up from a consistent state to help reduce downtime and minimize losses.

Point-in-time backup view
This provides a full point-in-time view of the disk for rapid recovery of files, folders, volumes, Exchange emails and databases.

Catalog-less backup
Shorten backup time by not building a catalog during backup. For faster recovery, users can run ad-hoc catalog creation jobs at any time.

Granular mailbox recovery
Sometimes, you only need to recover a single email or an attachment to an email, rather than needing to take the time or resources to recover an entire Exchange server. CA ARCserve D2D offers granular recovery for Exchange 2010 that enables you to recover just the mailbox or email that you need and get back to work quickly.

Protection for virtual servers
A single user interface to help protect virtual servers as well as physical servers saves you training time and simplifies operations. Block-level I2 technology helps to reduce backup time, storage space, network usage, workload on the Production servers and recovery time for virtualized servers.

Host-based VM backup
Removes the performance impact of data protection from your virtualized data center while ensuring the availability of business-critical applications by delivering fast recovery from any type of failure.

Virtual standby
Delivers quick recovery for your servers, applications and data. Critical physical or virtual systems can be brought back online quickly by utilizing the power and flexibility of virtualization, increasing the availability of IT services and maintaining revenue and productivity. You can perform migration from physical servers to on-premise virtualized servers with minimal risk and impact to your business operations.

Remote virtual standby
CA ARCserve Central Virtual Standby now supports "remote deployment" across a Wide Area Network through integration with CA ARCserve Replication. Customers and Partners like MSPs can now replicate CA ARCserve D2D recovery points to a remote site and then automatically convert the recovery points to VM format and quickly stand them up after a production server failure for fast system recovery.

Integrated access to cloud storage
Easily enables you to take advantage of cloud services for remote, off-site protection, archiving or additional storage capacity. It enables the flexibility of cloud services for your data protection and helps you to take advantage of operational budget instead of capital budget for your storage needs.

Central protection manager
Reduces workload on IT personnel in environments where there are multiple servers and workstations to protect. Simplified, centralized management and recovery reduces operational costs, improves the consistency of protection and frees up IT time for strategic projects.

Central reporting
Minimizes risk by enabling you to quickly understand what is occurring across your backup environment, regardless of the size of your environment. Reports inform you and your management that the data is protected and ready for recovery if an unplanned outage occurs - helping to satisfy management and auditors, and avoid costly data loss.

Desktop/laptop protection
Laptop theft, accidents and errors due to clumsy typing can jeopardize key business data residing on laptop and desktop workstations today. Avoid the cost of downtime with the same protection that you use with your servers - infinite, incremental snapshot backups and bare-metal restore for your desktops and laptops.

Dynamic documentation with the Web 2.0 interface
Fast and easy access to the latest product documentation that is pushed to you via the CA ARCserve D2D user interface helps to reduce management time.

Backup throttling
Enables you to customize your backup performance processes to balance system usage. This is important if you have other mission-critical applications and services running that need most of the system resources. It helps you to ensure the necessary resources to enable these applications to adequately perform their functions.

High-frequency backups
I2 technology provides the ability to perform backups every 15 minutes for greater levels of protection, improved recovery point objectives and reduced risk.

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General Specifications

ManufacturerComputer Associates
Manufacturer Part #CAD2WS165W050G4
Cost Central Item #11862167
Product DescriptionCA ARCserve D2D for Windows Workstation Edition - ( v. 16.5 ) - license + 1 Year Enterprise Maintenance - 1 workstation - EDU, charity, GOV - GLP - Win - Multiple (pack of 50 )
Packaged Quantity50 (specifications are for single item)
CategoryNetworking applications
SubcategoryNetwork - network backup
License TypeLicense
Bundled Support1 Year Enterprise Maintenance
License Qty1 workstation
License PricingAcademic, volume, charity, government
Licensing ProgramComputer Associates Government License Program (GLP)
Service & SupportNew releases update

Extended Specifications

Packaged Quantity50 (specifications are for single item)
CategoryNetworking applications
SubcategoryNetwork - network backup
License TypeLicense
Bundled Support1 Year Enterprise Maintenance
License Qty1 workstation
License PricingAcademic, volume, charity, government
Licensing ProgramComputer Associates Government License Program (GLP)
Service & Support
Service & SupportNew releases update
Service & Support DetailsNew releases update - 1 year
Phone consulting - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
Web knowledge base access - 1 year
Web support - 1 year

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