Corel Painter X3 Education Edition


Corel Painter X3 Education Edition
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Students can find new artistic inspiration with Corel Painter X3 Education Edition. This versatile digital art software features cutting-edge tools that simulate real-world art materials. Students can get creative with watercolors, acrylics, oils, brushes, paper textures and more - which look and feel just like the real thing! Features and Photoshop support also makes it easy for students of all ages and skill levels to learn Painter. Best of all, it means no costly art supplies or difficult clean ups. It's a professional and affordable art studio for the classroom!

Brush search engine
Find and select the perfect brush quickly and easily. Just type the name or properties of any brush and Painter will find it for you. The visual preview lets you ensure each brush is exactly what you're looking for.

Stroke preview
See exactly what each brush stroke will look like on your canvas. Preview brush parameters such as mixing, erasing, blending and jitter. The preview adjusts in real-time as you experiment with brushes and paper textures. No more test canvases required!

Advanced brush controls
Edit and optimize brushes with a few simple clicks. The brush optimizer highlights the primary parameters of each brush. Plus, make more advanced edits and preview changes on the fly. Learning and working with brushes has never been easier.

Jitter brushes
Use pre-built Jitter brushes to simulate those random elements and "happy accidents" that can occur when using real world media. For added effect, customize the pre-built Jitter brushes further to create more organic, natural-looking art.

Jitter expression
Add Jitter to all your Painter brushes and adjust for brush expressions such as Opacity, Grain, Size, Angle and more! It's the perfect way to add a unique element of randomness to your art.

Perspective guides
Accurately draw in a one-, two- or three-point perspective. Simply select your vanishing points and set your lines - your brush strokes will automatically snap to the grid. You can also save presets, change line colors and add additional guidelines.

Reference image
Find new inspiration by working with reference images directly within the Painter interface. Just drop your reference image anywhere onscreen without disrupting your workflow, plus instantly sample reference colors. It's the perfect way to stay inspired and creative!

Meet the artist Paint Jam sessions
Join the online for live talks with professional artists who offer insight into the challenges and triumphs they've experienced over the course of their careers. From finding inspiration, to the artistic process, these monthly sessions will enlighten and inspire you.

Cloning workflow
Work faster when cloning an image. Now you can view a project image and the cloning crosshairs on a source image at the same time! Plus, lightly edit source images and automatically save clone source data to your file.

Transform across multiple layers
Quickly select and transform multiple layers at one time. It's a time-saving enhancement that allows you to focus on your art and avoid the annoyance of having to cycle through numerous layers in a project.

Color set libraries and mixers
Experience colors like never before. Choose the maximum number of colors to add to a new set from an image, layer, selection or mixer pad. Plus, use inspirational mixers for an entirely new way to work with colors.

Memory optimization
Enjoy enhanced speed and performance. Macs with 64-bit systems will automatically use all available memory when running Painter. Plus, PCs with large amounts of RAM can utilize new software speed enhancements. It's the ideal way to deal with memory-intensive tasks.

Brush sharing and management
Share painter brushes in seconds! Email brushes, post them online or share via a USB device. The receiver simply double clicks on the file to launch Painter X3 and automatically import a brush, category or brush library.

RealBristle Media
Discover why RealBristle technology replicates traditional art materials more realistically than any other software. Work with oils, watercolors, chalks, markers, pencils and more! Control color intensity and shading by adjusting the angle and pressure of the pen on your tablet!

Flow maps
Take control of how paint interacts with your canvas. Flow maps offer a creative way to direct the flow of paint from Real Watercolor and Real Wet Oil brushes. For added effect, customize your own flow map textures and brushes.

Smart photo-painting tools
Transform photos into paintings by hand or let the Auto-Painting palette paint a photo for you. Painter features sophisticated SmartStroke brush technology that follows the lines and contours in a picture - just like a real artist would!

Customizable surface texturing
Give your art a level of texture and detail that no other paint program or photo-painting tools can match. Choose paper textures for your canvas or create and customize your own textures to produce truly unique artwork.

Agile brush control
Use shortcuts to instantly access brush settings. Change brush settings such as size, opacity, squeeze and angle. Using interactive controls you can make rapid adjustments from one centralized location, plus scalable resizing lets you preserve correct brush proportions.

Brush tracking
Save time and effort by customizing painter to remember your touch. Brush tracking is an amazing feature that lets you instantly program Painter to save your preferred speed and pressure sensitivity for each individual brush.

Move and copy brush variants within a library
Work faster with the ability to move or copy a brush variant to any category simply by dragging the variant within the brush selector. Updated brush variants and category creation also offers more design flexibility and fewer steps when saving variants.

Temporal color palette
Change brush colors quickly and easily. Instantly bring up the temporal color palette and select the colors you want without disrupting your workflow. The palette only sticks around for as long as you need it, keeping your workspace clutter free.

Custom palettes
Tailor Painter to the way you want to work. Create custom palettes for special projects as well as the workflows you use most. Once you create a custom palette it's saved from session to session for quick and easy use.

Workspace creation and management
Streamline your workflow with the ability to create, import and delete Workspaces. This versatile option lets you choose the Painter tools and features you use most and then create, save and share your custom workspaces.

Adobe Photoshop compatibility
Use built-in Adobe compatibility to easily preserve colors and layers when transferring files between Photoshop and Painter. Plus, take advantage of third-party Photoshop plug-ins to unlock even more creative possibilities on your Mac and PC.

Wacom multi-touch pen tablet compatibility
Get full support for the entire Wacom product line, including Cintiq interactive pen displays and Intuos pen tablets. Wacom multi-touch support also allows you to navigate through the Painter interface using simple finger taps on your Wacom tablet.

Corel Cinco for painter
Work faster in Painter X3. Cinco is an app that lets you map commonly used buttons onto your Wi-Fi-enabled iPad. Paint with one hand, cycle through customizable buttons and palettes with the other - all without taking your eyes off your work!

This product can only be sold to College Students, Accredited Educational Institutions, Administrative Offices & Boards of Education, Public Libraries, and Public Museums. Students are limited to 1 copy of each product per calendar year. Students must supply either a clear copy of their student ID or a enrollment verification letter from the registrar's office, via FAX or e-mail(.jpg). Institutions must supply a signed purchase order. We cannot ship academic orders unless we receive valid credentials. Please click here for instructions.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #PTRX3ENFRPCMAAM
Manufacturer UPC #0735163141771
Cost Central Item #11985190
Product DescriptionCorel Painter X3 Education Edition - Complete package - 1 user - EDU - Win, Mac - English, French
CategoryCreativity application
SubcategoryCreativity - graphics & image editing
License TypeComplete package
License Qty1 user
License PricingAcademic
Language(s)English, French
PlatformWindows, MacOS
OS RequiredMicrosoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Apple MacOS X 10.7 Lion, Windows 8 64-bit Edition, Apple MacOS X 10.8

Extended Specifications

CategoryCreativity application
SubcategoryCreativity - graphics & image editing
Language(s)English, French
License TypeComplete package
License Qty1 user
License PricingAcademic
PlatformWindows, MacOS
System Requirements
OS RequiredMicrosoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Apple MacOS X 10.7 Lion, Windows 8 64-bit Edition, Apple MacOS X 10.8
Software RequirementsInternet Explorer 8.0 or later, Safari 5 or later
Peripheral / Interface DevicesMouse or compatible device, DVD-ROM, 1280 x 800 monitor resolution
System Requirements DetailsMicrosoft Windows - Pentium 4 - RAM 2 GB - HD 450 MB
Microsoft Windows - Athlon 64 - RAM 2 GB - HD 450 MB
Microsoft Windows - Opteron - RAM 2 GB - HD 450 MB
Apple MacOS X - Core 2 Duo - RAM 2 GB - HD 350 MB

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