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Fluke Networks Fluke OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet, 10 Gbps

Mfg Part #: OPVXG-10G/GLD

Fluke Networks Fluke OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet, 10 Gbps
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OptiView XG is a network engineer's tablet with dedicated custom hardware for automated network and application analysis in the deployment and troubleshooting of new technologies. It's at home in the data center with support for 10 GbE and virtualized servers; at the users' office supporting 802.11n and application analysis; and with the switches and routers in between. Use it to find problems from your desk or take it - with the data it has collected - to the trouble spot for first-hand analysis. Its unique troubleshooting system is based on proactive monitoring and analysis, graphical path analysis, and application-centric analysis, which provides expert guidance that automatically identifies the root cause of problems.

User configurable dashboards
Present the relevant data to the right audience. OptiView XG has extensively customizable dashboards that help transform collected data into an actionable presentation. The dashboard can be customized to a particular user or for the entire enterprise. Create dashboards for keeping a close eye on network and applications by site or even by business function. These dashboards can be saved and exported to different members of your team. The dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the current status of your network, with critical metrics from routers, switches, firewalls, servers, services, application, and other infrastructure devices.

Performance health checks
Every day, your business depends on a reliable, secure and fast network. Already stretched IT resources are being asked to do more and network maintenance and optimization are often overlooked. The results are unhealthy networks that are improperly utilized, misconfigured and vulnerable to cyber threats. At-a-glance visibility provided by health checks will help you put your critical infrastructure and applications back on track and keep their performance optimized and running smoothly.

Virtualization health
Enterprises are virtualizing servers to obtain cost savings and flexibility. Along with the benefits of virtualization comes the new complexity of managing the virtualized network. OptiView XG has built-in capability to analyze Virtual Machines and their host VMware ESX servers. This gives you the capability to quickly track virtual server health at-a-glance and ensure your mission critical applications never fail. OptiView XG's discovery also gives the capability to find and analyze new virtual machines that are added to ESX host servers.

Network and application issue reporting engine
OptiView XG offers a number of built-in reports, making it quick and easy to report on application and network problems. These reports help you track performance and utilization statistics. While viewing a screen, pressing the Reports key will generate HTML or PDF reports on Protocols, Top Hosts, Top Conversations, Devices, Networks, Problems and many more. The intuitive interface facilitates customizing the out-of-the-box reports and also enables creation of completely customized reports using the configurable dashboards in just a few clicks.

Automated problem detection
OptiView XG automatically scans for errors in the network infrastructure. These errors are collected in a Problem Log that can be categorized and sorted. Examples of problems detected are: performance problems, duplicate IP addresses, incorrect subnet masks, default router not responding and many more.

Application infrastructure analysis
Consistent application delivery is critical for business. OptiView XG makes it easy to identify and analyze the underlying network infrastructure of an application. This lets you become proactive about application performance issues. It also decreases the time required to isolate network vs. application problems

Real-time NetFlow finds bandwidth hogs
OptiView XG uses NetFlow to give you valuable insight into bandwidth usage in your enterprise without the complexity and expense involved in a traditional NetFlow analysis setup. The Application Infrastructure Analysis tests in the OptiView XG can collect NetFlow data from flow-enabled routing devices, and uses it to analyze network traffic and report on bandwidth usage across the network. Get instant real-time bandwidth usage reports on top applications, conversations, and hosts using bandwidth, for fast troubleshooting.

Full line-rate capture ensures complete analysis
Get 10 Gbps line-rate packet capture and filtering to troubleshoot problems where packet level analysis is required and perform advanced troubleshooting when deploying and analyzing applications. Sophisticated capture filters allow collection of more relevant data and limit the amount of traffic to analyze by filtering on individual addresses or conversation, IPv4 address range or subnet, or IPv6 prefix and protocols. The capture process may be started or stopped through a user defined trigger event - capture the traffic before, after or around an event occurrence without being present. This ensures you capture the event the first time and avoids initiating random traffic captures that may not contain anything of interest.

Go "inline" to get to root cause
To get to the root cause of many application performance problems, you have to be "in the path of the packets" to examine the actual traf¬fic. Now, with the new in-line analysis function in OptiView XG, your analyzer connects in the path to directly see and capture application traffic on its two RJ-45 ports. Instead of relying on span or mirror ports (which hide or even introduce problems) or carrying around an extra piece of hardware (external tap), OptiView XG lets you go directly in-line at up to full 1 Gbps speed to observe traffic in real time, or to capture at line rate for detailed application analysis in the onboard ClearSight Analyzer. Go in-line between the network and clients, access points, servers, or anywhere needed to get application-level visibility.

Unique and powerful bounce chart illustrates application flow
CSA application bounce chart views reveal conversations between client and server in the application command language without having to decode packets manually. It provides an extremely powerful way to understand protocol interactions between various network elements.

Advanced network discovery - finds devices, networks and problems in seconds
As soon as OptiView XG is connected to the network, it automatically begins to discover devices on the network, with no interaction required, by monitoring traffic and actively querying hosts. IT staff can immediately see what is on the network and where it is connected, by switch, slot and port number. They can investigate and quickly locate "suspect" devices and with minimum effort and identify problems associated with device misconfigurations.

Discover and test through wireless connections
OptiView XG has the unique capability for fast discovery through a wireless connection. This keeps you aware of the network around you even when you moving through your site. You can unplug from the network and still be confident that the tablet is analyzing your critical devices through a wireless connection, even when moving to a different location - without losing any data. This offers a perfect solution for testing roaming handoffs.

VoIP and wireless device discovery
The OptiView XG will discover VoIP devices including call managers and IP phones from Cisco, Nortel, Avaya and Mitel. Device capabilities and configurations may be viewed, allowing the user to easily identify and correct configuration issues during VoIP deployment. The OptiView XG also discovers and categorizes wireless LAN controllers, lightweight access points, intelligent access points and wireless clients. Detailed device information is provided from Cisco Wireless LAN controllers and LWAPs, including the wireless networks associated with the controller, the SSIDs, security and QoS parameters, the lightweight APs being controlled and the 802.11 protocol in use.

IPv6 discovery
The OptiView XG will discover and display complete IPv6 network and device inventory including routers, switches, wireless AP's, DHCP6 servers and hosts. It enables you to identify active IPv6 devices in the network and those that may have problems in single-stack IPv6 networks. Router advertisements are analyzed and the OptiView XG displays detailed router information and settings. Easily identify applications that may be communicating using both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Detect devices using tunneling mechanisms and identify the tunnels in use. Undetected or unauthorized tunneling could represent a serious security risk.

In The Box
  • Fluke OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet
  • Power adapter

General Specifications

ManufacturerFluke Networks
Manufacturer Part #OPVXG-10G/GLD
Manufacturer UPC #0754082091783
Cost Central Item #11388617
Product DescriptionFluke OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet, 10 Gbps - Network tester with 1 Year Gold Support - United States
Device TypeNetwork tester
Cable TypesUTP
Tests, Tools and MeasurementsNetwork element discovery, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n discovery
FeaturesUSB connectivity
Power100-240 V
Country KitsUnited States
Approximate Dimensions (WxDxH)12.4 in x 2 in x 9.4 in
Approximate Weight5.5 lbs
Warranty1 year
Included Service1 Year Gold Support

Extended Specifications

Device TypeNetwork tester
MediaCopper, fiber, radio
FeaturesUSB connectivity
Tests, Tools and MeasurementsNetwork element discovery, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n discovery
Cable TypesUTP
Included AccessoriesSoft case, AC power adapter, 2 x carrying straps, USB flash drive
ConnectorsSFP, RJ-45 x 2, SFP+
Compliant StandardsEN 61010-1 2nd edition
Country KitsUnited States
Warranty1 year
Included Service1 Year Gold Support
Display Resolution1024 x 768 pixels
Color SupportColor
FeaturesTouch-screen, backlight
Input Voltage100-240 V
Output Voltage19 V
TechnologyLithium ion
Included Qty2
Run Time (Up To)2 hour(s)
Dimensions & Weight
Approximate Width12.4 in
Approximate Depth2 in
Approximate Height9.4 in
Approximate Weight5.5 lbs
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature50 °F
Max Operating Temperature86 °F
Min Storage Temperature-40 °F
Max Storage Temperature140 °F
Max Altitude Operating15090 ft

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