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Fluke Networks Fluke Visual TruView 2200

Mfg Part #: TRUVIEW-2200

Fluke Networks Fluke Visual TruView 2200
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TruView represents a breakthrough advancement that sets a new bar in the way IT organizations will be able to quickly and effectively monitor and troubleshoot network and application performance problems.

TruView is a patented highly optimized custom built appliance that leverages key data sets such as stream-to-disk packet storage, application response time, transactional decode, IPFIX (NetFlow), and SNMP to present analytics through a single reporting interface. As TruView processes analytics from these data sets, it time correlates the results providing cross-functional IT teams such as network engineering, application, and server teams with a new found ability to work more collaboratively and solve problems fast.

TruView watches over your global, regional, or even local groups of sites and users 24/7 by monitoring end-user experience enterprise-wide, and then visually depicting when and where problems occur. With intuitive guided workflows you are never more than a few clicks away from isolating down to the application, server, interface/device, transaction, or even packet at the source of any performance issue. And, with 10 Gbps full line stream-to-disk built right in, you'll never miss an important event again.

Multiple tools in one
TruView is a single appliance that embeds five important capabilities that are typically found in individual products for the purpose of monitoring and troubleshooting network and application performance.

Horsepower second to none
TruView was designed with a stream-to-disk architecture that can collect, store, and analyze 10 Gbps of flow and packet data simultaneously with no TopN limitation, and no data pruning so you can rest assured that you will never miss an important event again. TruView will analyze more than a million transactions per minute, collect 20000 flows per second, and store more than 10 Gbps of network data at line rate.

Self-guided workflows
So many times the workflows that you see in tools today are patterned around what type of data is collected and from what elements that data is collected from. With this approach what you get is disparate views of performance metrics that are not correlated to help pinpoint the problem.

Auto discovery and auto configuration
With automated application discovery and optimized configuration processes, the setup for TruView is amazingly simple and fast and can have you seeing reports within 15 minutes installation.

Single UI for all data sets with multi-tenant access
See your data the way you want to see it with custom dashboard views that are built with the drag and drop dashboard creation wizard that pulls from the entire library of views and measurements. And with multi-tenant support, individual users throughout your IT organization can login to see their own dashboard view of what's important to them.

Back-in-time application, network and VoIP performance analytics
TruView uses stream-to-disk technology to record all network traffic up to full 10 Gbps line rate so you don't miss any critical events. TruView integrates the powerful application-centric analysis engine based on the award-winning ClearSight Analyzer (CSA) which provides automatic application analysis. For each application flow, the CSA can automatically construct bounce charts and notes with highlighted text and color codes to indicate application impairments, such as slow TCP sever response, and error status. In addition, CSA supports multi-segment analysis so you can quickly analyze flows that span across multiple tiers of servers or network segments. This powerful capability visually identifies problems in timing, command/response and TCP level impairments such as lost packets or out-of-order sequence. Perform in-depth analysis of the most commonly used applications such as SQL, Oracle, MS Networking (SMB), VoIP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, POP3, Telnet, SMTP, SNMP, MS Exchange, and Citrix.

Advanced transaction analysis
TruView provides automatically correlated transaction level performance across multiple application tiers within a multi-tiered application environment. From an End User Experience metric view, it is simple to see if application degradation is the impactful segment, and then further analyze individual transactions, including the ability to navigate subsequent transactions spawned to other application tiers. This allows customers to quickly isolate a specific transaction within a multi-tiered application transaction very quickly, and provide decodes and packet payload to those teams who need additional information to remediate issues within that application.

Application performance visibility for the cloud environment
OmniPoint element is a highly flexible and scalable point-of presence solution that provides users with application, network and VoIP visibility in virtualized environments. Utilized as a clear, demarcation point for problem domain isolation, OmniPoint allows for quicker time to identify and resolve issues between a siloed IT infrastructure and multi-vendor solutions. Server connects and server response times are measured within the OmniPoint automatically with baselining and alarms of the auto discovered applications.

Market leading flow reporting
Market leading traffic analysis via IPFIX (NetFlow) through superior data digestion capabilities, intuitive integration with End User Response Time data, and a responsive user interface allowing one to complete any traffic analysis task. TruView allows all IT silos access to raw unfiltered capacity consumption data, allowing capacity planning, troubleshooting, and security efforts to be supported with thorough data.

Integrated geographical performance maps
TruView watches over your global, regional, or even local groups of sites and users 24/7 by monitoring end-user experience enterprise-wide, and then visually depicting when and where problems occur. With intuitive guided workflows you are never more than 3-clicks away from isolating down to the application, server, interface, transaction, or even packet at the source of any performance issue!

Stream and content reconstruction
On-board packet archival at sustained full line rate 10 Gbps ensures you'll never miss an important event again. TruView provides transaction level visibility with stream reconstruction into the N-Tier environment, which will allow you to visualize what the end user actually experienced.

Comprehensive VoIP analysis
TruView provides one of a kind visibility into how well, or not, your VoIP infrastructure is performing. What makes the TruView approach different is that it's not just a monitoring tool alerting you to when call degradation has occurred, but rather allows you to quickly drill into each individual call to understand the underlying degradation factors. It don't stop there though as TruView allows you to retrieve the packet stream for each call in order to re-construct, and even replay the actual call as transpired across the wire! Check out this VoIP whitepaper for more information on how TruView can help you effectively monitor and troubleshooting VoIP.

Instant problem domain isolation to application, network or server
TruView combines disparate data sets into a single time correlated context. If the network round trip time is high, TruView contextual site based pages also show traffic analysis data as well as device health information. This type of common sense approach to displaying data makes problem domain isolation possible by reviewing a single page rather than navigating through endless graphs of desperate data.

Multi-segment analysis accelerates distributed packet analysis
Multi-segment analysis combines traces collected by TruView, Network Time Machine, and other packet capture devices - such as other NTMs, OptiView portable network analyzers and laptop-based ClearSight analyzers - for quick visual fault analysis of timing, packet loss or out-of-sequence problems as the IP flows transverse different segments of the network. This allows TruView users to create easy to digest ladder diagrams showing where latencies are being introduced in complex mesh type environments.

General Specifications

ManufacturerFluke Networks
Manufacturer Part #TRUVIEW-2200
Manufacturer UPC #0754082100324
Cost Central Item #11828949
Product DescriptionFluke Visual TruView 2200 - Network monitoring device - 2 ports - Gigabit LAN - 1U - rack-mountable
Device TypeNetwork monitoring device
Enclosure TypeRack-mountable - 1U
Hard Drive2 TB
Ports Qty2
Data Link ProtocolGigabit Ethernet
PerformanceThroughput : 1 Gbps

Extended Specifications

Device TypeNetwork monitoring device
Height (Rack Units)1U
Processor / Memory / Storage
Hard Drive2 TB
Form FactorRack-mountable
Ports Qty2
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Data Link ProtocolGigabit Ethernet
PerformanceThroughput : 1 Gbps
Expansion / Connectivity
Interfaces2 x monitoring

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