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Fuji Film FUJIFILM 3592 Series Enterprise Media 3592 JA Standard

Mfg Part #: 600003336-5PK

Fuji Film FUJIFILM 3592 Series Enterprise Media 3592 JA Standard

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Enterprise-class data storage systems require the use of media that offers both high capacity and extremely high reliability. Featuring Fujifilm's proprietary NANOCUBIC technology, 3592 Tape Cartridge Series offers 300GB native capacity (900GB 3: 1 data compressed) and a native transfer rate of 40MB per second (110MB per second with 3: 1 data compression). And Fujifilm tape products are recognized throughout the world as among the most reliable data storage products available.

Tape cartridge featuring NANOCUBIC technology
High-density digital recording requires an extremely thin recording layer. NANOCUBIC technology allows the production of nano-meter scale ultra-thin coatings. In addition, nanoparticle technology is employed to create magnetic needle-shaped metal particles and plateshaped barium-ferrite particles that are only a few tens of nanometers in size, and a new high-molecular binder material and nano-dispersion technology are used to ensure uniform dispersion of the particles. Using NANOCUBIC technology, it is now possible to create data cartridges that offer low noise, excellent storage characteristics, and capacities in excess of one terabyte.

High-reliability sliding door mechanism
Dust protection and durability are enhanced by a highly reliable curved sliding door and leader pin system.

Proprietary NANOCUBIC technology assures high capacity and rock-solid reliability
In today's information age, Enterprise-class data storage systems require the use of storage media that offer both high capacity and high reliability. Fujifilm 3592 Tape Cartridges for IBM 3592 TotalStorage Enterprise TapeDrive systems offer outstanding reliability, and as the first product to feature the proprietary NANOCUBIC thin-coating technology for magnetic media, they offer a massive native capacity.

High capacity tape cartridge
With highest recording density and the capability to record 512 tracks, this tape cartridge achieves the highest capacity among Enterprise-class Tape Cartridges. It is the best solution to back up huge databases and very large volumes of digital information, and it is designed to provide a data life of up to 30 years.

Economical, fast-access tape cartridge
The fast-access Fujifilm 3592 Tape Cartridge with Fujifilm NANOCUBIC technology fulfils the requirements of the enterprise market to minimize the time to access necessary data. Its tape is shorter, it has massive capacity and is sufficiently economical.

Non-rewritable tape cartridge
Fujifilm provides non-alterable and non-rewriteable Fujifilm 3592 WORM Tape Cartridges with massive capacity. Fujifilm's unique process technology secures important data in the longterm. One example is the tamper-proof screw which protects the tape cartridge from being opened, thus providing high security.

Consistently high output
Fujifilm tape has an exceptionally smooth surface that assures improved head contact and minimal spacing loss. As a result, output is consistently high.

Ruggedly constructed cartridge shells
For maximum durability, cartridge shells are constructed of heavy-gauge resin, and internal components are specially designed to withstand heavy use. Five high tensile-strength screws are also used to secure the cartridge shell halves together.

High-precision servo system
Servo signals encoded directly on the tape ensure high-precision head tracking with timingbased servo systems. Fujifilm quality control assures outstanding signal quality and precision.

General Specifications

ManufacturerFuji Film
Manufacturer Part #600003336-5PK
Cost Central Item #11381281
Product DescriptionFUJIFILM 3592 Series Enterprise Media 3592 JA Standard - 5 x 3592 - cleaning cartridge
TypeCleaning cartridge - 3592
Media Included Qty5
Tape Length1050 ft

Extended Specifications

TypeCleaning cartridge - 3592
Media Included Qty5
Tape Length1050 ft
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature60.8 °F
Max Operating Temperature89.6 °F
Humidity Range Operating20 - 80%
Min Storage Temperature60.8 °F
Max Storage Temperature77 °F

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