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Google Search Appliance GB-7007 Hot Backup

Mfg Part #: GBUPG7007HOT5DNSTD

Google Search Appliance GB-7007 Hot Backup
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Every day your employees create documents, presentations, market research reports - information that has tremendous value for your company. Employees can benefit significantly from access to information, but only if they can easily find what they need. Unfortunately, that's often not the case. Documents are inaccessible because they sit on employee desktops or in hard-to-access document repositories. Even if the content is accessible, without high-quality retrieval technology, employees find it impossible to access key corporate information. The result is valuable information that can't be accessed by others - reducing your company's productivity and at times leading to poor decisions based on incomplete access to information.

With the Google Search Appliance, your company's internal search engine can be just as good as Google's - and just as easy to use. The Google Search Appliance provides secure search across all your enterprise content - document management systems, intranets, portals, databases, legacy applications, etc. And with Google OneBox for enterprise, the Google Search Appliance can deliver real-time business information atop search results from enterprise applications. Google takes the burden of organizing information off the administrator and provides an easy, secure solution that gets great results every time.

Search billions of documents
The Google Search Appliance brings unparalleled scale to organizations, delivering the ability to search billions of documents across all of your enterprise content. This architecture has three main benefits. First, it provides the ability for large organizations to search not just millions but billions of documents. Second, this architecture enables "dynamic scalability" letting organizations dynamically add scale to their existing enterprise search deployments without disrupting the current deployment.

Customize security to your needs
The Google Search Appliance integrates with your existing security and access control systems, providing document-level security. Users will only see search results if they have access to the source content, ensuring that your organization's information is always safe and secure.

Increased customization for administrators
By integrating hardware and software into an easy-to-install appliance, Google simplifies search administration in your organization. The GSA provides highly relevant results "out of the box", without the complexity and expense of custom-configuring hardware and operating systems. Yet, for organizations that wish to further customize search, Google provides a full array of intelligent biasing features, such as source biasing, date biasing, metadata biasing, collection biasing, and node biasing. Additionally, the GSA allows for look-and-feel customization and security customization.

Scale to any size in seconds
The Google Search Appliance is architected to allow easy expansion and upgrades, with no downtime, making it easy to scale as your search needs grow and your content increases. Adding the capacity to search one million, five million, or even 10 million documents takes just seconds, and is accomplished simply by changing licensing points and with no changes to the underlying GSA hardware. Further, with Dynamic Scalability, administrators can add any number of new appliances without disrupting existing ones.

Product Highlights
  • Content connector framework
  • Google SAML bridge - Windows integrated authentication
  • Secure file system crawling and serving
  • SAML SPI enhancements
  • Google enterprise labs
  • Search-as-you-type
  • Do-it-yourself KeyMatches
  • Parametric search

Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #GBUPG7007HOT5DNSTD
Cost Central Item #11709802
Product DescriptionGoogle Search Appliance GB-7007 Hot Backup - Upgrade license - 10 million documents - upgrade from 5 million documents
CategoryInternet & communication applications
SubcategoryInternet & communication - search tool / engine
License TypeUpgrade license
License Qty10 million documents
License PricingStandard
Upgrade fromGoogle Search Appliance GB-7007 Hot Backup - 5 million documents

Extended Specifications

CategoryInternet & communication applications
SubcategoryInternet & communication - search tool / engine
License TypeUpgrade license
License Qty10 million documents
License PricingStandard
Upgrade fromGoogle Search Appliance GB-7007 Hot Backup - 5 million documents

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