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HP Electronic HP Care Pack

Mfg Part #: UJ217E

HP Electronic HP Care Pack

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Hewlett-Packard takes great care of its customers - that's why it provides you with reliable and high-class service to make you feel comfortable whenever you buy HP products. The company offers a full range of services and supports to make you feel even more comfortable.

Our company is a HP authorized sales and service center.
Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #UJ217E
Cost Central Item #10036456
Product DescriptionElectronic HP Care Pack - Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 3 years - on-site - for Compaq 100; HP 110, 18, 19; Pavilion 20, 23, 50X; Pavilion TouchSmart 20, 21, 23
TypeExtended service agreement
Service IncludedParts and labor
Full Contract Period3 years
Designed ForCompaq 100, 18, CQ2952; HP 110, 18, 19, 500, p2; ENVY 23; Flexible Thin Client t820; Pavilion 20, 23, 50X, P2, P6, p6542, P6612, p6644, p6677, p6727, p6767, p6777, P7, s5, s5117, s5202, s5216, s5227, s5247, s5257, s5304, s5361, s5412, s5503, s5510, s5610, s5704, s5730; Pavilion TouchSmart 20, 21, 23

Extended Specifications

TypeExtended service agreement
Service IncludedParts and labor
Full Contract Period3 years
Compatibility Information
Designed ForCompaq 100-154LA, 18-2004LA, 18-3004LA, CQ2952EL
HP 110-000t, 110-004el, 110-010xt, 110-014, 110-019, 110-020, 110-023w, 110-040, 110-090, 110-119, 110-122el, 110-124, 110-194, 110-210, 110-212, 110-239, 110-243wb, 110-290, 18-5010, 19-2029w, 500-059, p2-1320a, p2-1343w, p2-1374, p2-1394
HP ENVY 23-c050
HP Flexible Thin Client t820
HP Pavilion 20-b001la, 20-b004la, 20-B010, 20-b013w, 20-b014, 20-B020A, 20-B021A, 20-b034, 20-b110z, 20-b210z, 20-b220t, 20-b239, 20-b309, 20-b310, 20-b311, 20-b314, 20-b323w, 23-1027c, 23-1043, 23-B010, 23-b017c, 23-b021a, 23-b022a, 23-B030, 23-b034, 23-b037c, 23-b090, 23-b119c, 23-b240xt, 23-b241, 23-b244, 23-b320, 23-b364, 23-b390, 23-g010, 23-g013w, 500-000t, 500-010xt, 500-017c, 500-023w, 500-027c, 500-037cb, 500-054, 500-070, 500-075, 500-090, 500-096, 500-123w, 500-129, 500-147c, 500-159, 500-164, 500-199, 500-207eb, 500-214, 500-223w, 500-246, 500-270, 500-281, 500-a60, 500-b23w, 500-c60, p2-1123w, P2-1310, p6-2010la, p6-2026, p6-2037c, p6-2127c, p6-2128, P6-2300A, P6-2301A, p6-2310, p6-2313w, p6-2317c, p6-2326el, p6-2326s, p6-2327c, P6-2330, P6-2350, p6-2355, p6-2390, p6-2419, p6-2429, p6542f, P6612p, p6644y, p6677c, p6727c, p6767c, p6777c, p7-1003w, p7-1007c, p7-1027c, p7-1036, p7-1044, p7-1067c, p7-1154, p7-1157c, p7-1202, p7-1218, p7-1226s, p7-1227c, p7-1228, p7-1233w, p7-1234, p7-1236s, p7-1243, p7-1261, p7-1268c, p7-1298c, P7-1410, p7-1415, p7-1417cb, p7-1418, p7-1423w, P7-1430, p7-1436s, p7-1439, p7-1446s, p7-1451, p7-1456c, p7-1490, p7-1500z, p7-1510, s5-1126, s5-1160, s5117c, s5-1204, s5-1218, s5-1414, s5-1540, s5-1554, s5202f, s5216f, s5227c, s5247c, s5257c, s5304y, s5360f, s5361f, s5412p, s5503w, s5510f, s5610f, s5704y, s5730f
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 20-f230, 20-f249, 20-f394, 21-h010, 21-h013w, 21-h039, 23-f206a, 23-f213w, 23-f217c, 23-f239, 23-f250, 23-f250z, 23-f251, 23-f254, 23-f260xt, 23-f269, 23-f270, 23-f364, 23-f390, 23-f460xt, 23-h013w, 23-h050, 23-h070

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