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HP Electronic HP Care Pack Return to Depot

Mfg Part #: U4810E

HP Electronic HP Care Pack Return to Depot
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ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
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The Electronic HP Care Pack Services (e-Care Pack) capability allows you to order, receive, update, and activate a wide range of valuable HP Care Pack Services over the Internet. Administered through the HP Services Network (CSN), it is a fast and simple process that enables immediate registration and service activation.

Return to Depot package includes offsite hardware support at a HP authorized Repair Center. After remote diagnosis and support the customer will deliver the faulty unit to the Repair Center. HP will return the repaired or replaced unit to the customer. HP Care Pack Service is available for new and factory-refurbished HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario desktop PCs with base warranties.

Our company is a HP authorized sales and service center.
Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #U4810E
Cost Central Item #10033360
Product DescriptionElectronic HP Care Pack Return to Depot - Extended service agreement - parts and labor - 3 years - carry-in - 9x5 - for Compaq 100; HP 110, 18, 19; Pavilion 20, 23, 50X; Pavilion TouchSmart 20, 21, 23
TypeExtended service agreement
Service IncludedParts and labor
Full Contract Period3 years
Service Availability9 hours a day / 5 days a week
Designed ForCompaq 100, 18, CQ2952; HP 110, 18, 19, 500, p2; ENVY 23; Flexible Thin Client t820; Pavilion 20, 23, 50X, P2, P6, p6542, P6612, p6644, p6677, p6727, p6767, p6777, P7, s5, s5117, s5202, s5216, s5227, s5247, s5361, s5412, s5503, s5510, s5610, s5704, s5730; Pavilion TouchSmart 20, 21, 23; Slate 21

Extended Specifications

TypeExtended service agreement
Service IncludedParts and labor
Full Contract Period3 years
Service Availability9 hours a day / 5 days a week
Service & Support DetailsExtended service agreement - parts and labor - 1 year - carry-in - availability: 9 hours a day ( 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ) / Monday-Friday
Technical support - phone consulting - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
Compatibility Information
Designed ForCompaq 100-154LA, 18-2004LA, 18-3004LA, CQ2952EL
HP 110-000t, 110-004el, 110-010xt, 110-014, 110-019, 110-020, 110-023w, 110-040, 110-090, 110-119, 110-122el, 110-124, 110-194, 110-210, 110-212, 110-239, 110-243wb, 110-290, 18-5010, 19-2029w, 500-059, p2-1320a, p2-1343w, p2-1374, p2-1394
HP ENVY 23-c050
HP Flexible Thin Client t820
HP Pavilion 20-b001la, 20-b004la, 20-B010, 20-b013w, 20-b014, 20-B020A, 20-B021A, 20-b034, 20-b110z, 20-b210z, 20-b220t, 20-b239, 20-b309, 20-b310, 20-b311, 20-b314, 20-b323w, 23-1027c, 23-1043, 23-B010, 23-b017c, 23-b021a, 23-b022a, 23-B030, 23-b034, 23-b037c, 23-b090, 23-b119c, 23-b240xt, 23-b241, 23-b244, 23-b320, 23-b364, 23-b390, 23-g010, 23-g013w, 500-000t, 500-010xt, 500-017c, 500-023w, 500-027c, 500-037cb, 500-054, 500-070, 500-075, 500-090, 500-096, 500-123w, 500-129, 500-147c, 500-159, 500-164, 500-199, 500-207eb, 500-214, 500-223w, 500-246, 500-270, 500-281, 500-a60, 500-b23w, 500-c60, p2-1123w, P2-1310, p6-2010la, p6-2026, p6-2037c, p6-2127c, p6-2128, P6-2300A, P6-2301A, p6-2310, p6-2313w, p6-2317c, p6-2326el, p6-2326s, p6-2327c, P6-2330, P6-2350, p6-2355, p6-2390, p6-2419, p6-2429, p6542f, P6612p, p6644y, p6677c, p6727c, p6767c, p6777c, p7-1003w, p7-1007c, p7-1027c, p7-1036, p7-1044, p7-1067c, p7-1154, p7-1157c, p7-1202, p7-1218, p7-1226s, p7-1227c, p7-1228, p7-1233w, p7-1234, p7-1236s, p7-1243, p7-1261, p7-1268c, p7-1298c, P7-1410, p7-1415, p7-1417cb, p7-1418, p7-1423w, P7-1430, p7-1436s, p7-1439, p7-1446s, p7-1451, p7-1456c, p7-1490, p7-1500z, p7-1510, s5-1126, s5-1160, s5117c, s5-1204, s5-1218, s5-1414, s5-1540, s5-1554, s5202f, s5216f, s5227c, s5247c, s5361f, s5412p, s5503w, s5510f, s5610f, s5704y, s5730f
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 20-f230, 20-f249, 20-f394, 21-h010, 21-h013w, 21-h039, 23-f206a, 23-f213w, 23-f217c, 23-f239, 23-f250, 23-f250z, 23-f251, 23-f254, 23-f260xt, 23-f269, 23-f270, 23-f364, 23-f390, 23-f460xt, 23-h013w, 23-h050, 23-h070
HP Slate 21-k100

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