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IBM VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Enterprise

Mfg Part #: 4817SG5

IBM VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Enterprise
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Protecting applications against disasters has never been more important. Unfortunately, traditional disaster recovery solutions are too expensive and complicated to protect any but the most critical applications.

Expand disaster protection to all your applications and smaller sites with vCenter Site Recovery Manager. Reduce the cost of disaster recovery by consolidating your recovery infrastructure and using cost-efficient vSphere Replication. Simplify management of disaster recovery with centralized recovery plans. Ensure fast and reliable recovery with automated DR failovers and failbacks, non-disruptive testing and planned migrations.

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager delivers advanced capabilities for replication, disaster recovery management, non-disruptive testing, automated failover and failback, and planned migration. VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager can manage failover from production datacenters to disaster recovery sites, as well as failover between two sites with active workloads. Multiple sites can even recover into a single shared recovery site. Site Recovery Manager is often used for planned migrations and preventive failovers to avoid disasters.

Simplify the setup of recovery and migration plans
Traditional recovery plans are complex to set up. They are usually captured in manual runbooks, which are error-prone and quickly fall out of sync with configuration changes. With Site Recovery Manager, setting up a recovery plan is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes, instead of the weeks required to set up traditional runbooks. Through an interface that is tightly integrated with vCenter Server, the user simply selects which virtual machines to protect, maps virtual machines to resources at the recovery site and specifies the virtual machine boot sequence. Site Recovery Manager automatically dramatically simplifies recovery plans by automatically coordinating most of the manual steps of traditional recovery plans.

Perform nodisruptive testing of recovery and migration plans
With Site Recovery Manager, recovery plans can be tested as frequently as required, without disrupting production systems. Site Recovery Manager provides a detailed report of the test outcomes, including the RTO achieved. With this information, organizations gain confidence that their disaster protection will meet their business objectives. Testing results can be saved and used to demonstrate compliance with disaster recovery requirements.

Automate site recovery and migration processes to ensure fast and reliable RTOs
Site Recovery Manager automates the entire site recovery and migration process. Upon initiation of a disaster failover, business services are automatically recovered with no manual intervention. Because automation eliminates the risk inherent in manual processes, disaster failover can be executed much faster and with highly predictable RTOs.

Streamline planned migrations and preventive failovers
In addition to disaster recovery, Site Recovery Manager is often used to simplify and automate planned site migrations and preventive failovers. Automated failback enables quick and easy migration of applications from the secondary site back to the production site, using the original recovery plan. In addition, planned migration can be used when an organization knows a few hours ahead of time that virtual machines will be migrated. In this case, the planned migration workflow ensures clean migrations of virtual machines in an application-consistent state and with no data loss.

Replication of virtual machines to a secondary site
Site Recovery Manager requires an underlying replication product to copy virtual machine data to a secondary site. Replication can be provided either by built-in vSphere Replication or by a thirdparty storage-based replication product. vSphere Replication provides cost-efficient and simple replication for smaller sites and Tier 2 applications. Storage-based replication is mostly used for business-critical environments.

Integration with replication product
Site Recovery Manager integrates with the underlying replication product through a Storage Replication Adapter (SRA). This piece of software - written by the replication vendor - enables Site Recovery Manager to see which virtual machines are being replicated and coordinate execution of recovery plans with the replication layer.

Setup of recovery plans
Site Recovery Manager provides an intuitive interface to help users create recovery plans for different failover scenarios. Users can map production resources to recovery resources, specify which virtual machines to protect and their relative boot sequences, and identify low-priority virtual machines to suspend at the failover site. Users can also include custom scripts and automatically reconfigure IP addresses for their virtual machines.

Testing, disaster recovery failover and planned migration workflows
Once a recovery plan has been set up, administrators can execute that plan with a testing, disaster recovery failover or planned migration workflow. The testing workflow brings up protected virtual machines in an isolated environment, ensuring that test virtual machines are completely isolated from production virtual machines. The disaster recovery failover workflow stops replication and recovers protected virtual machines in the failover site with an emphasis on minimizing response times. The planned migration workflow shuts down the virtual machines gracefully at the original site, syncs the data by completing replication and recovers the virtual machines at the failover site. With both the disaster recovery failover and planned migration workflows, users can automatically fail back to the production site by leveraging the initial recovery plan, simplifying routine migrations.

Product Highlights
  • Cost-efficient replication bundled with all editions of Site Recovery Manager at no additional cost
  • The industry's first hypervisor-based replication, purpose-built for vSphere and Site Recovery Manager
  • Replicate only the most recent data in changed disk areas to increase network efficiency
  • Scale to hundreds of virtual machines per cluster
  • Simplifies replication management by managing replication in vCenter at a more granular and flexible 'virtual machine' level
  • Eliminate requirement for having identical storage arrays across sites
  • Support use of low-end storage, including Direct Attached Storage
  • Ensure tight integration with Site Recovery Manager for coordinated failover
  • Provide broad choice of replication through compatibility with storage arrays and replication products from all major vendors. Download full list of compatible arrays
  • Leverage iSCSI, Fiber Channel, or NFS-based storage replication solutions
  • Use storage snapshot capabilities to perform recovery tests without losing replicated data
  • Ensure tight integration with SRM through 'Storage Replication Adapters' (SRA)
  • Discover and display virtual machines protected by storage replication using integrations certified by storage vendors
  • Coordinate replication and data sync operations with DR failovers and planned migrations
  • Create and manage recovery plans directly from VMware vCenter Server
  • Discover and display virtual machines protected by storage or vSphere replication
  • Map virtual machines to appropriate resources on the failover siteSpecify boot sequence of virtual machines
  • Customize re-IPing of virtual machines
  • Customize shut down of low priority virtual machines at the failover site
  • Extend recovery plans with custom scripts
  • Control access to recovery plans with granular role-based access controls
  • Recover multiple sites into a single shared recovery site
  • Automate execution of recovery tests
  • Use storage snapshot capabilities to perform recovery tests without impacting on-going replication
  • Connect virtual machines to an isolated network to avoid impacting production applications
  • Store, view and export results of test and failover execution from VMware vCenter Server
  • Customize execution of recovery plans for testing scenarios
  • Automate cleanup of testing environments after completing tests
  • Monitor site availability and alert users of possible site failures
  • Initiate recovery plan execution from VMware vCenter Server with a single button
  • Stop replication and automate promotion of replicated datastores for recovery Shut down low-priority virtual machines at failover site
  • Boot protected virtual machines with pre-specified boot sequence
  • Execute user-defined scripts and pauses during recovery
  • Reconfigure virtual machines' IP addresses to match network configuration at failover site
  • Manage and monitor execution of recovery plans within VMware vCenter Server
  • Automate failback to original production site when the site has not undergone extensive change
  • Re-protect virtual machines by automatically reversing replication to original site
  • Execute original recovery plan in reverse direction
  • Automated failback is available with storage-based replication, but not available with vSphere Replication
  • Use Planned Migration to ensure complete replication of virtual machines, in an application-consistent state, prior to executing recovery
  • Execute graceful shut down of protected virtual machines at the original site
  • Perform 'data sync' to force complete replication of powered off virtual machines to the failover site
  • Execute recovery plan leveraging application-consistent virtual machines at the failover site
  • VCenter Site Recovery Manager now supports 4 VM boot sequence priority levels
  • Ensures complete control of recovery process at the failover site
  • More intuitive user interface
  • View SRM configurations across both sites without vCenter Linked Mode
  • APIs provided at both protected and recovery sites
  • Protected site APIs enable the protection of VMs, and provide status information on replication, protection groups, and VM protection
  • Recovery site APIs enable the execution of recovery plans, as well as provide information on recovery plans, and recovery plan execution
  • IP addresses of recovered virtual machines can be customized in a few seconds - much faster than with the older Sysprep implementation

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General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #4817SG5
Cost Central Item #11443886
Product DescriptionVMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Enterprise - ( v. 5 ) - product upgrade license + 1 Year Subscription - 25 virtual machines - upgrade from Standard
SubcategoryUtilities - data recovery
License TypeProduct upgrade license
Bundled Support1 Year Subscription
License Qty25 virtual machines
License PricingStandard
Upgrade fromVMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Standard v. 5
Service & SupportNew releases update

Extended Specifications

SubcategoryUtilities - data recovery
License TypeProduct upgrade license
Bundled Support1 Year Subscription
License Qty25 virtual machines
License PricingStandard
Upgrade fromVMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Standard v. 5
Service & Support
Service & SupportNew releases update
Service & Support DetailsNew releases update - 1 year

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