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Kingston Technology Kingston

Mfg Part #: KAC-VR208/1G

Kingston Technology Kingston

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ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
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General Specifications

ManufacturerKingston Technology
Manufacturer Part #KAC-VR208/1G
Manufacturer UPC #0740617176063
Cost Central Item #11188203
Product DescriptionKingston - Memory - 1 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR2 - 800 MHz / PC2-6400 - unbuffered - non-ECC - for Acer Aspire M1100, M1610, M1641, M1800, M3203, M3641, M5641, X1301, X1800; Veriton D461
Storage Capacity1 GB
Upgrade TypeSystem specific
TechnologyDDR2 SDRAM
Form FactorDIMM 240-pin
Memory Speed800 MHz ( PC2-6400 )
Data Integrity CheckNon-ECC
Manufacturer WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty ( Russia - 10 years )
Designed ForAcer AcerPower FH-EC3520, EP3520, EP5240, EP6310, EP6311, EP6410, EP8200, EP9150, EP9250, FC3520, FP5240, FP6310, FP6410, FP8200, FP9150, FP9250, UD2160, UD4400, UD4401, UP6410; Aspire G7200, M1100, M1201, M1610, M1641, M1800, M3201, M3203, M3641, M3802, M5641, M7711, X1301, X1800; Veriton D461

Extended Specifications

Storage Capacity1 GB
Upgrade TypeSystem specific
TechnologyDDR2 SDRAM
Form FactorDIMM 240-pin
Memory Speed800 MHz ( PC2-6400 )
Data Integrity CheckNon-ECC
RAM FeaturesUnbuffered
Expansion / Connectivity
Compatible Slots1 x memory - DIMM 240-pin
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited lifetime warranty ( Russia - 10 years )
Compatibility Information
Designed ForAcer AcerPower FH-EC3520C, FH-EC3520P, FH-EP3520P, FH-EP5240P, FH-EP6310C, FH-EP6310P, FH-EP6311C, FH-EP6410P, FH-EP8200P, FH-EP9150C, FH-EP9250C, FH-EP9250P, FH-FC3520C, FH-FC3520P, FH-FP5240P, FH-FP6310C, FH-FP6310P, FH-FP6410P, FH-FP8200P, FH-FP9150C, FH-FP9250P, FH-UD2160C, FH-UD2160P, FH-UD4400P, FH-UD4401C, FH-UD4401P, FH-UP6410P
Acer Aspire E560-HB7E, E560-KB7J, E560-MB7H, E560-PB7J, E571-HE74, E700-ME69, G7200 Predator Apache, G7200 Predator Defender VI, G7200 Predator Reaper II, G7700 Predator Conqueror II, G7700 Predator Thumper II, G7700 Predator Trooper IV, M1100-2B7Z_250, M1201-SA1620A, M1201-SD4450A, M1201-SD5400A, M1202-ED7450B, M1202-EF8550A, M1202-U1850A, M1610-4M7A - "VISTA", M1641-4M7Z OB 22"X, M1641-4R7Z, M1641-NE7Z, M1641-NR7G, M1641-SD2200A, M1641-VR7H, M1800-C2DE7500, M1800-PDCE5200, M1800-PDCE5300, M3100-FE7Z - "VISTA", M3100-QB7Z - "VISTA", M3201-B3600A, M3202, M3202-B3800A, M3203, M3203-010 OB 23’’X, M3600-ZE7Z - "VISTA", M3641 - RET, M3641-S3501A, M3802, M3802 - PF7Z, M3802-7F7G, M3802-7F7R, M3802-7K79, M3802-7W7G, M3802-AS5300A, M3802-EQ8400A, M3802-SD5300A, M3802-U9062, M5620-1M7N - "VISTA", M5620-IE7U - "VISTA", M5641-3R7H, M5641-B5540A, M5641-ER71, M5700-B5771A, M5700-E5801A, m5711, M7711, M7711-3K7P, T630-6B62, X1200-B1782A, X1200-U1794, X1200-U1794A, X1300-BD7550A, X1300-NF7Z OB 19’’X, X1300-U1801A, X1300-U1802A, X1301, X1301 - RET, X1301-5F7A, X1301-5F7A OB 23''X, X1301-5F7R, X1301-5F7S, X1301-5F7Y OB 23’’X, X1301-5F7Z, X1301-B1012, X1301-B1702, X1301-B1812, X1301-B9082, X1301-E1102, X1301-U1302, X1301-U1312, X1301-U9032, X1301-U9052, X1700-SD2220B, X1700-U3793A, X1800-E1232, X1800-ED5300A, X1800-EQ8300A, X1800-SD5200B, X1800-U9002, X3200-BR7A OB 22''X, X3200-U1790A, X3200-U3792A
Acer Extensa E270
Acer Veriton D461, M221, M265-BE5400C, M265-ED5300C, M265-ED6300C, M265-ED7600C, M265-SD2220D, M421G, M421G-ED250C, M421G-ED5000C, M421G-EQ630C, S461-UD5200D, S461-UD7300C

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