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Kingston Technology Kingston

Mfg Part #: KAC-VR208/2G

Kingston Technology Kingston

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ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
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General Specifications

ManufacturerKingston Technology
Manufacturer Part #KAC-VR208/2G
Manufacturer UPC #0740617176070
Cost Central Item #11188204
Product DescriptionKingston - Memory - 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR2 - 800 MHz / PC2-6400 - unbuffered - non-ECC - for Acer Aspire M1100, M1201, M1610, M1641, M1800, M3203, M3641, M3802, M5641, X1301, X1800
Storage Capacity2 GB
Upgrade TypeSystem specific
TechnologyDDR2 SDRAM
Form FactorDIMM 240-pin
Memory Speed800 MHz ( PC2-6400 )
Data Integrity CheckNon-ECC
Manufacturer WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty ( Russia - 10 years )
Designed ForAcer Aspire E571, G7200, G7700, M1100, M1201, M1202, M1610, M1641, M1800, M3100, M3200, M3201, M3202, M3203, M3600, M3641, M3802, M5201, M5620, M5621, M5641, M5700, m5711, M7200, M7711, T630, X1200, X1300, X1301, X1700, X1800, X3200; Veriton M220, M221, M264, M265, M410, M420, M421, M460, S461, X270

Extended Specifications

Storage Capacity2 GB
Upgrade TypeSystem specific
TechnologyDDR2 SDRAM
Form FactorDIMM 240-pin
Memory Speed800 MHz ( PC2-6400 )
Data Integrity CheckNon-ECC
RAM FeaturesUnbuffered
Expansion / Connectivity
Compatible Slots1 x memory - DIMM 240-pin
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited lifetime warranty ( Russia - 10 years )
Compatibility Information
Designed ForAcer Aspire E571-HE74, G7200 Predator Apache, G7200 Predator Commander II, G7200 Predator Defender II, G7200 Predator Defender VI, G7200 Predator Reaper II, G7700 Predator Conqueror II, G7700 Predator Crusader II, G7700 Predator Rookie III, G7700 Predator Sniper IV, G7700 Predator Thumper II, G7700 Predator Trooper IV, M1100-2B7Z_250, M1201-SA1620A, M1201-SD4450A, M1201-SD5400A, M1202-ED7450B, M1202-EF8550A, M1202-U1850A, M1610-4M7A - "VISTA", M1641-4M7Z OB 22"X, M1641-4R7Z, M1641-NE7Z, M1641-NR7G, M1641-SD2200A, M1641-VR7H, M1800-C2DE7500, M1800-PDCE5200, M1800-PDCE5300, M3100-FE7Z - "VISTA", M3100-QB7Z - "VISTA", M3201-B3600A, M3201-ED5400A, M3201-U3791A, M3202, M3202-B3800A, M3203, M3203-010 OB 23’’X, M3600-ZE7Z - "VISTA", M3641 - RET, M3641-S3501A, M3802, M3802 - PF7Z, M3802-7F7G, M3802-7F7R, M3802-7K79, M3802-7W7G, M3802-AS5300A, M3802-EQ8400A, M3802-SD5300A, M3802-U9062, M5620-1M7N - "VISTA", M5620-IE7U - "VISTA", M5641-3R7H, M5641-B5540A, M5641-ER71, M5700-B5771A, M5700-E5801A, m5711, M7711, M7711-3K7P, T630-6B62, X1200-B1781A, X1200-B1782A, X1200-B1792A, X1200-BE5000A, X1200-U1711A, X1200-U1794, X1200-U1794A, X1200-UD5400A, X1300, X1300-BD7550A, X1300-NF7Z OB 19’’X, X1300-U1801A, X1300-U1802A, X1301, X1301 - RET, X1301-5F7A, X1301-5F7A OB 23''X, X1301-5F7R, X1301-5F7S, X1301-5F7Y OB 23’’X, X1301-5F7Z, X1301-B1012, X1301-B1702, X1301-B1812, X1301-B9082, X1301-E1102, X1301-U1302, X1301-U1312, X1301-U9032, X1301-U9052, X1700-SD2220B, X1700-U3793A, X1800, X1800-E1232, X1800-ED5300A, X1800-EQ8300A, X1800-SD5200B, X1800-U9002, X3200-BR7A OB 22''X, X3200-ED5600A, X3200-U1790A, X3200-U3630A, X3200-U3792A
Acer Veriton M221, M265, M265-BE5400C, M265-ED5300C, M265-ED6300C, M265-ED7600C, M265-SC4500D, M265-SD2220D, M421G, M421G-ED250C, M421G-ED5000C, M421G-ED5600C, M421G-EQ630C, M460-ED5400C, M460G-ED7500C, M460G-ED8500C, S461-UD2220C, S461-UD5200D, S461-UD5201D, S461-UD7300C, X270-ED1400C, X270-ED5300C, X270-ED7400C

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