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LSI Logic LSI MegaRAID Recovery Software

Mfg Part #: LSI00246

LSI Logic LSI MegaRAID Recovery Software
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LSI MegaRAID Recovery software provides IT organizations with new levels of data protection and business continuity by using snapshots to enable rapid file and volume-level data recovery capabilities. Compatible with 9260-4i, 9260-8i, 9280-4i4e, 9260-16i, 9280-16i4e, 9280-24i4e.

Restore-from-view or rollback in minutes
Opposed to the lengthy process of restoring data from tape - which often takes many hours to complete - restoring data from a PiT takes much less time, typically just a few minutes. When a file, record or file system must be recovered, any PiT can be mounted to create an "instant view" of the data at a previous point in time, and the selected data is quickly restored.

No data movement
One of the key advantages of MegaRAID Recovery is its ability to create PiTs without physically duplicating data. By simply opening up a volume that keeps track of any changes to data in the source volume, MegaRAID Recovery avoids the physical movement or copying of data, enabling each PiT to be created in seconds, regardless of the size of the source volume.

Space-efficient snapshots
Each MegaRAID Recovery PiT volume snapshot is a fraction of the original volume size, because it only keeps track of the changes that are made to a volume after the PiT is created. Disk space for PiTs is pre-allocated, and the PiT is expanded in small increments as data is written to the volume. Multiple PiTs of each volume can be retained online, enabling frequent snapshots to be stored in a space-efficient manner.

Reduce IT costs and improve data protection
Communication and file-sharing applications encounter many changes in the data throughout the day. Most small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) have limited IT resources and can only run data backups once every 24 hours or less, most of which occur overnight. Longer backup cycles increases the risk that important changes made during the day are lost before the next backup occurs. MegaRAID Recovery allows for quick and frequent snapshots of data to be taken with an only few mouse-clicks or by setting up automatic and scheduled backups, limiting reliance on dedicated IT resources.

Boot volume protection
MegaRAID Recovery also offers a convenient way to implement additional boot volume protection. By isolating a server's boot volume to a separate virtual drive and enabling the auto snapshot feature, users can be guaranteed that bootable snapshots exist, should OS corruption occur. If, for any reason, the boot volume gets corrupted, the user can reboot, and within WebBIOS, choose the last known good snapshot (PiT) and rollback the boot volume. If there is a malicious file present that has created the corruption on the boot volume, administrators can roll back to a PiT before the malicious file was present. The additional boot volume protection from MegaRAID Recovery provides a more convenient way to re-enter an operating system and debug corruption issues.

Convenient, integrated user interface for creating PiTs
MegaRAID Recovery is conveniently enabled and configured through MegaRAID Storage Manager. By following a series of intuitive MSM wizards, the user can enable Recovery, configure the snapshot repository, take snapshots with a single mouse click, and even schedule for automatic snapshots on a daily or weekly cadence. Each snapshot PiT is recorded on the "snapshots" screen, showing the date and time as well as the storage space used. Additionally MSM is used to mount a view of the snapshot repository when restoring from view.

Product Highlights
  • Snapshot functionality enables rapid file and volume-level data recovery capabilities should accidental or malicious data deletion or infection occur
  • Rapid recovery of lost data from disk can occur within minutes, helping to minimize the downtime experienced by users
  • Meets a growing need for more frequent restore points and reduced recovery times

Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

ManufacturerLSI Logic
Manufacturer Part #LSI00246
Manufacturer UPC #0830343001897
Cost Central Item #11145825
Product DescriptionLSI MegaRAID Recovery Software - License - 1 controller - hardware key
SubcategoryUtilities - data recovery
License TypeLicense
License Qty1 controller
License PricingStandard
Distribution MediaHardware key

Extended Specifications

SubcategoryUtilities - data recovery
License TypeLicense
License Qty1 controller
License PricingStandard
Distribution MediaHardware key

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