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Lenovo LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies

Mfg Part #: 55Y3417

Lenovo LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies
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LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies is a comprehensive, integrated solution that enables IT professionals to automate and tune critical systems management tasks and proactively control, update and protect desktops, servers and mobile devices - all from a single console. With this management suite, you can gather detailed asset data, deploy applications and operating systems, maintain configuration standards, configure and manage ThinkVantage Technologies, monitor software usage, solve user problems, and develop and deploy system-wide security policies. Extended security, patch management and asset tracking features enable a truly comprehensive solution whether systems are inside the corporate firewall or not.

Inventory management, including reporting
Built-in inventory and reporting capabilities help you quickly determine what hardware and software you need to update or replace as a part of Vista migration, saving you grief and lots of fire drills. Executive Dashboard lets your executives and business managers access all the key data they need, when they need it - without having to phone you first. This function also allows you to configure the 'dashboards' with an overview of functions you need to keep a close eye on, allowing you to always be on top of critical issues. Built-in reporting capabilities include immediate access to inventory and status information, as well as the ability to publish reports to a file share in HTML, PDF, DOC, RTF or XLS formats. Includes Unmanaged Device Discovery (UDD), a function that quickly and intelligently checks your network and provides a report of what's out there, without having to stress the network infrastructure. Also checks devices discovered with auto discovery, custom data collection, agentless inventory discovery and delta inventory scans/compression - all through an easy-to-use query UI. Detailed hardware, software and ThinkVantage information gathered provides users with extensive hardware and software inventories and enables users to gather and track custom data fields, monitor software usage to reduce licensing costs and maintain compliance, plan upgrades and maintenance, and respond to audits more quickly. Detailed asset tag and serial number information as well as embedded pointing device, fixed drive and CD-ROM data give a complete inventory view. Intel vPro support can discover all Intel vPro-based hardware and software assets whether a
system's OS is installed or not, giving you superior out-of-band management. Built-in, easy-to-use report generator helps non-SQL users get up and running quickly.

Software distribution
A single, unified process allows you to create packages, choose targets, define options and schedule package deployment. A task-based distribution model separates package building from the delivery method to improve overall process efficiency and enable component re-use. LANDesk Targeted Multicast technology minimizes bandwidth used when distributing large packages to multiple users - reducing need for dedicated hardware or router reconfigurations. LANDesk Peer Download technology leverages local bandwidth efficiency to access packages that have been delivered to a subnet. Ownership of delivery methods and distribution packages provides a choice of any combination of devices, device groups, database or LDAP queries or objects. Policy-based distribution helps automate software availability and keep applications in a preferred state. Prerequisite checking and package chaining make it easy to install multiple packages in a single operation as well as automatically install prerequisite packages. Task scheduler integrates with directory service and asset inventory databases to make target selection easy; real-time status reporting provides information of deployment task completion status. Package-agnostic distribution enables deployment of any package type, including MSI, RPM, setup.exe and other installers; multi-file MSI support enables rapid multicast distribution of large application packages.

Software license monitoring
Extensive application usage and license compliance reporting, as well as license reporting features (number of times each licensed application is launched, last date used, days since last used, total duration of usage, date purchased, PO and reseller information) give a comprehensive look at software license use. Easy configuration of license parameters, including number purchased, license type, quantity and serial number, as well as tracking by group, department and organizational unit to make software license monitoring easier. Installation tracking and reconciliation - including the license holder, physical location of the computer, discontinued licenses and more - help administrators stay on top of software licenses. Application launch denial keeps unauthorized software from running - even on computers not connected to the network. Capabilities include scanning for both known and unknown applications and a disposition tool to define and track previously unknown applications.

OS Deployment and profile migration
Supports Vista deployment and migration using Microsoft standards or cloning tools. LANDesk Targeted Multicast technology speeds deployments to multiple targets while minimizing bandwidth used in order to reduce total network traffic without dedicated hardware or router reconfiguration. LANDesk OS Deployment Wizard guides users through the entire OS deployment and migration process. Remote image capture makes it easy to create OS images. Includes state-of-the-art imaging (cloning) tools while simultaneously supporting "Image agnostic" distribution that lets you deploy disk images created using your standardized imaging tool. Automated profile migration captures user and application settings, desktop settings and user data so the user environment can be quickly restored after image deployment. PXE proxy technology enables rapid provisioning of "bare-metal" machines without
dedicated servers on each subnet, boot floppies or network reconfiguration. Automated SYSPREP management completes post-image configuration automatically. Applications can be automatically deployed to get users up and running immediately.

Remote control
User-based rights administration limits technician access while integration with directory services/NOS security ensures controlled access. Software agents hide when not in use, improving performance and preventing application conflicts. Secure, on-demand option enables strong security. Optimization for slow bandwidth conditions and good performance even over a dial-up connection increases efficiency. Full integration with detailed asset database for extended data gathering, troubleshooting, security management and device management support. Remote wake, remote reboot and remote application execution allow users to perform both maintenance and repairs at any time - from a helpdesk - even when the end computer is shut down. Integrated chat, bidirectional file transfer and automatic session logging enable rapid problem resolution and reporting along with a full audit trail. Browser-based capability means an IT staff can support anyone on the network from any computer on the network. Intel vPro support allows users to heal Intel vPro-based systems remotely regardless of the OS or system state.

Handheld management
Complete inventory management and asset discovery, monitoring and change control alerting for handheld and wireless devices. n Efficient software distribution with checkpoint restart for improved efficiency and integrated task scheduling to easily define, schedule and automate software deployments. Bandwidth throttling for more efficient, less bandwidth-intensive handheld and wireless management. Push-and-pull file transfer capabilities with LANDesk Handheld File Exchange technology.

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Manufacturer Part #55Y3417
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Product DescriptionLANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies - Maintenance - Win
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CategoryNetworking applications
License TypeMaintenance

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