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NetManage Micro Focus RUMBA Developer Kit

Mfg Part #: E959868-001-A

NetManage Micro Focus RUMBA Developer Kit
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Micro Focus RUMBA provides connectivity from Microsoft Windows desktops to virtually any host system with mission critical reliability. Innovative features increase user productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, and simplify enterprise migrations to browser-based and server-based computing. RUMBA makes it easy to connect to and use information on IBM mainframe, IBM iSeries (AS/400), and UNIX, Hewlett-Packard and VAX systems. Micro Focus' modular-based products ensure optimal performance and fast, flexible custom application use and development.

Tabs, tiles and zoom
RUMBA features two methods for connecting to multiple sessions simultaneously. Customers can choose to show each session in individual tabs just like popular Web browsers do. Customers can also choose to show multiple sessions in one tiled window. This enables scanning of multiple applications at once. A double click zooms into the window needed.

History and training
RUMBA features an extensive history showing where the end user has gone throughout a transaction. History files can be named and searched via text or, if the end user highlights a field in the active terminal window, with a right click. History files can be searched with this selected data. For training purposes, administrators can record "best practice" history files and distribute to all employees to ease training times.

Enterprise grade security
Client-to-host communication is secure. RUMBA adapts to the highest level of security available via your organization's existing host security, network security, firewalls, and virtual private networks (VPNs). RUMBA security is FIPS 140-2 certified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Secure Shell (SSH) technology for secure terminal and FTP sessions to host computers. RUMBA Security Services (RSS) adds protection for users that connect via the Internet. Its unique technology provides persistent terminal and FTP sessions via the standard HTTPS port on your existing firewalls or proxy servers, making it easier than ever to extend access to external users while protecting the integrity of your information assets.

Automatic hyperlink & email address detection
Rumba automatically detects and enables hyperlinks found within protected fields on the host screen, allowing for a more content-rich experience for the end user. Email address detection provides a similar capability. Here any email address found on the host screen will be enabled to the end user and integrated with their email client of choice. Hyperlinking within RUMBA includes URL, Mail-to and File URI support.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) support
RUMBA supports the use of IPv6 formatted addresses for host system connectivity. This use of IPv6 within RUMBA allows for the application of IPv6 host naming conventions. User can now connect to IPv6 enabled host applications and network printers.

iSeries single sign-on
RUMBA iSeries single sign-on feature streamlines client authentication and reduces administrative costs. Administrators are able to configure and manage a single login process that extends to the iSeries system through the use of Kerberos technology, which is also standardized and integrated by IBM and Microsoft technologies. Centralized user profile management simplifies host access administration and makes monitoring and compliance reporting easier.

Customization and ease of use
Comprehensive productivity and ease-of-use features reduce the need for support and training. System administrators can even custom configure the menu bar of the RUMBA window to meet exact requirements of each user or organization.

Robust, flexible technology
RUMBA supports display and host application printing, native file transfer and flexible keyboard mapping. The software also includes an intuitive, point-and-click macro editor.

Product Highlights
  • Enabling host access administration efficiency while reducing the cost and complexity of accessing host applications
  • Protecting valuable information assets and securing the communications between workstations and host systems through rich security features
  • Connecting Windows desktops to virtually any host with mission critical reliability
  • Reducing costs and simplifying user interactions with hosts by leveraging iSeries single sign-on (SSO) capability
  • Increasing productivity by placing multiple emulation sessions into tabs or in one tiled window with zoom capabilities
  • Capturing history of transactions to share best practices and increase customer satisfaction
  • Supporting virtualized environments
  • Providing a flexible .NET based API with samples for organizations to deploy their own emulation and business integration solutions

Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #E959868-001-A
Cost Central Item #11385286
Product DescriptionMicro Focus RUMBA Developer Kit - License - 1 license - volume - level A ( 1-4 ) - delivered via electronic distribution
CategoryDevelopment tools
SubcategoryDevelopment tools - utilities / components & libraries
License TypeLicense
License Qty1 license
License PricingVolume / level A ( 1-4 )
Licensing DetailsDelivered via electronic distribution

Extended Specifications

CategoryDevelopment tools
SubcategoryDevelopment tools - utilities / components & libraries
License TypeLicense
License Qty1 license
License PricingVolume / level A ( 1-4 )
Licensing DetailsDelivered via electronic distribution

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