Panasonic HHR P104A/1B

Mfg Part #: HHRP104A1B

Panasonic HHR P104A/1B

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Panasonic's vision of the digital future is driven by the needs and aspirations of its business customers and millions of consumers around the world who use its products every day. The company shares their dream to live a fuller life by providing ways of working smarter and enjoying the rewards of technological advances.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #HHRP104A1B
Cost Central Item #10934342
Product DescriptionPanasonic HHR P104A/1B - Phone battery - for KX TG5438, TG5621, TG5822, TGA235, TGA248, TGA545, TGA546, TGA548, TGA551, TGA650, THA19
Product TypePhone battery
Designed ForKX FG6550, FPG378, TG2388, TG2880, TG4500, TG5230, TG5240, TG5438, TG5583, TG5621, TG5632, TG5634, TG5651, TG5652, TG5653, TG5671, TG5821, TG5822, TG5831, TG5832, TG5838, TG5839, TG5861, TG5871, TGA235, TGA248, TGA450, TGA545, TGA546, TGA548, TGA551, TGA560, TGA650, TH102, TH111, TH112, THA19

Extended Specifications

Product TypePhone battery
Compatibility Information
Designed ForPanasonic KX FG6550, FPG378, FPG379, FPG391, TG2302B, TG2303WH, TG2312W, TG2313, TG2313F, TG2313WH, TG2314, TG2314W, TG2322B, TG2335S, TG2336, TG2336S, TG2343, TG2343W, TG2344, TG2344B, TG2346S, TG2355S, TG2356PW, TG2356S, TG2357, TG2386B, TG2388B, TG2480S, TG2880, TG4500, TG4500B, TG5050W, TG5055W, TG5200, TG5200M, TG5202M, TG5210M, TG5212M, TG5213, TG5230ALM, TG5230M, TG5240, TG5240ALM, TG5240M, TG5243PK, TG5421, TG5421S, TG5422M, TG5423M, TG5428B, TG5428R, TG5431S, TG5431W, TG5432B, TG5432M, TG5433BP, TG5433M, TG5436, TG5438, TG5438A, TG5438F, TG5438S, TG5439PK, TG5439S, TG5451S, TG5452M, TG5456S, TG5471S, TG5480S, TG5561M, TG5566M, TG5571M, TG5576M, TG5583BP, TG5583PK, TG5621M, TG5621S, TG5631S, TG5632M, TG5634M, TG5651S, TG5652M, TG5653B, TG5653M, TG5671S, TG5821ALS, TG5821M, TG5822ALM Digital Gigarange, TG5822M, TG5831ALS, TG5831M, TG5832ALM Digital Gigarange, TG5832M, TG5838ALF, TG5838F, TG5839ALS, TG5839F, TG5861ALM, TG5861M, TG5871ALM, TG5871M, TG6500B, TG6500M, TG6502B, TGA235, TGA248, TGA450B, TGA520M, TGA523M, TGA545, TGA546, TGA548, TGA550M, TGA551EXB, TGA551EXC, TGA551EXW, TGA551M, TGA552M, TGA560, TGA560B, TGA560M, TGA650, TGA650B, TH102-C, TH111, TH111S, TH112, TH112S, THA19, THA19S

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