Panasonic HHR P107A/1B

Mfg Part #: HHR-P107A/1B

Panasonic HHR P107A/1B

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ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
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General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #HHR-P107A/1B
Manufacturer UPC #0073096401099
Cost Central Item #10934344
Product DescriptionPanasonic HHR P107A/1B - Phone battery - for GLOBARANGE BB-GT1500, GT1540, GTA150; KX TG3510, TG6051, TG6053, TGA300, TGA600, TS208
Product TypePhone battery
Designed ForGLOBARANGE BB-GT1500, GT1540, GTA150; KX TG3021, TG3031, TG3032, TG3033, TG3034, TG3510, TG6021, TG6022, TG6023, TG6051, TG6052, TG6053, TG6054, TG6071, TG6072, TG6073, TG6074, TGA300, TGA301, TGA600, TGA601, TS208, TS3282, TS4100, TS4200, TS4300, TSC14

Extended Specifications

Product TypePhone battery
Compatibility Information
Designed ForPanasonic GLOBARANGE BB-GT1500, BB-GT1500B, BB-GT1540, BB-GT1540B, BB-GTA150B
Panasonic KX TG3021-01, TG3021-02, TG3021-03, TG3021-04, TG3021-05, TG3021-06, TG3021-07, TG3021-08, TG3021-09, TG3021-10, TG3021-11, TG3021-12, TG3021S, TG3031-01, TG3031-02, TG3031-03, TG3031-04, TG3031-05, TG3031-06, TG3031-07, TG3031-08, TG3031-09, TG3031-10, TG3031-11, TG3031-12, TG3031S, TG3032B, TG3032PK, TG3032S, TG3033S, TG3034B, TG3510, TG6021-01, TG6021-02, TG6021-03, TG6021-04, TG6021-05, TG6021-06, TG6021-07, TG6021-08, TG6021-09, TG6021-10, TG6021-11, TG6021-12, TG6021M, TG6022B, TG6023M, TG6051-02, TG6051-06, TG6051-07, TG6051-09, TG6051-10, TG6051-12, TG6051M, TG6052B, TG6053ALM, TG6053B, TG6053BP, TG6053S, TG6054B, TG6071M, TG6072B, TG6073S, TG6074B, TG6074PK, TGA300-01, TGA300-02, TGA300-03, TGA300-04, TGA300-05, TGA300-06, TGA300-07, TGA300-08, TGA300-09, TGA300-10, TGA300-11, TGA300-12, TGA300B, TGA300S, TGA301S, TGA600-01, TGA600-02, TGA600-03, TGA600-04, TGA600-05, TGA600-06, TGA600-07, TGA600-08, TGA600-09, TGA600-10, TGA600-11, TGA600-12, TGA600B, TGA600M, TGA600S, TGA601B, TGA601M, TS208, TS208LXW, TS208W, TS3282B, TS3282W, TS4100, TS4100B, TS4200, TS4200B, TS4300, TS4300B, TSC14, TSC14B, TSC14W

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