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Quantum vmPRO SmartMotion & SmartView

Mfg Part #: WVRSP-FLS1-001A

Quantum vmPRO SmartMotion & SmartView

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Quantum's vmPRO software provides a unique solution for the data center needing to integrate VM protection. It works as a turnkey solution, or in combination with users' existing backup applications, in conjunction with DXi appliances to simplify and accelerate backup, restore, and DR protection for VMs while reducing IT costs. Quantum's vmPRO software is a light-weight application that runs as a virtual appliance. It auto-discovers VMs and presents a file system view allowing customers to back up VMs or files within VMs without adding VM-specific agents. When data is read through the vmPRO software, inactive data is filtered out, reducing backup volumes by up to 75% and boosting deduplication rates. To support fast recovery, vmPRO software augments traditional backup with a simple VM snapshot utility that creates native-format VM copies on secondary disk allowing restore at a VM or at a single file level.

vmPRO software's SmartView utility auto discovers VMs and presents them in a native, file system view for administration and for access by third-party backup applications.

vmPRO SmartMotion is a core technology of Quantum vmPRO that allows you to push data from /export to external storage on a scheduled basis. Simply tell vmPRO the location of the target storage.

SmartMotion can be used on its own, or it can leverage the data movement utilities of your NAS target and/or your WAN accelerator.

Direct view of VMs and their files provides native, file system format
Quantum's vmPRO software dramatically simplifies administration of the virtual environment through its SmartView utility, and provides an interface that directly supports traditional backup software. It auto-discovers all VMs at any location in the environment whether they are active or not, automatically updates the view as VMs are created, deleted or moved, and it presents the VMs and their data in a native file system view as a CIFS or NFS share. SmartView allows users to group VMs by hypervisor, vCenter group, or in user-defined folders, providing an easy way for system administrators to manage even dynamic VMware environments. Since it presents the VMs and their files as CIFS or NFS shares they can be directly accessed by other applications, including third-party backup applications, without requiring special agents, making it simple and affordable to integrate VM protection into backup processes.

Progressive optimization accelerates backup and provides industry-leading data reduction
When VM data is accessed through the direct file system view provided by vmPRO software, patented technology applies a progressive optimization technique to filter out inactive, expired, and random data before it is read. This technique can reduce initial backup volumes by up to 75%, making backup faster and dramatically reducing the load on servers and networks. The technique is fully compatible with Changed Block Tracking, providing up to 40% additional reduction in daily backup volume over CBT alone.

Making third-party backup apps more effective
Quantum's vmPRO software, uniquely in the industry, is designed to work with legacy backup applications to make protection of VMs more easily integrated into existing backup, DR, and retention policies. It finds VMs, presents them as a network share to the backup applications, and optimizes the data as it is read without requiring use of extra servers or VM-specific agents to simplify deployment and reduce costs. With vmPRO software, support is provided in a direct, single stage process which can be used to write data to DXi appliances, to other disk backup targets, or to tape libraries for low-cost, long-term data retention. Direct support for ISVs provides a process for consolidating virtual and physical protection under control of a single application.

Lightweight snapshot utility augments VM backup
In addition to providing support for 3rd-party backup applications, vmPRO software provides a direct snapshot utility which can be used to create rapid recovery images to augment the backup process. This function is provided by vmPRO software's SmartMotion. SmartMotion creates a copy of any VM on a secondary disk target, taking advantage of vmPRO's progressive optimization to reduce the size of the copies by up to 75%. Because the SmartMotion copies are stored in native file format, they provide an extremely fast, direct recovery alternative to working with files stored in a proprietary backup format. Whole VMs can be booted directly from a new location in a single step, without use of a backup application, or the administrator can directly access any single file inside the VM.

Fully compatible with DXi appliances for data center level protection
Quantum's vmPRO software is designed to work with DXi deduplication appliances in data center environments to integrate virtual and physical data protection and future-proof users' disk backup. A DXi appliance scale quickly and easily as data grows, and feature up to twice the performance of competitors at as low as half the price. With model capacity ranges that span from 2 to 320TB of usable data, DXi appliances provide fast backup, instant restores, and automated, cost-effective DR protection for small businesses, remote offices, and corporate data centers.

Product Highlights
  • Provides direct, file system level view of VMs to third-party software for simple integration into existing backup processes
  • Light-weight application runs as a virtual appliance, eliminating cost and complexity of additional servers
  • Auto-discovers all VMs - active and inactive - to make management of dynamic environments faster and easier
  • Filters out inactive data to reduce backup volumes by up to 75% - accelerates backups, reduces resource loads, provides more effective deduplication
  • VM snap-shot function creates optimized copies of VMs on DXi appliances in native, file system format
  • Provides fast, single stage restore of VMs for industry-leading recovery times
  • Provides direct access to data inside the VM for single-file restore and to support nonbackup use cases such as search and security scannings
  • Pre-conditions data for more effective deduplication and industry-leading overall reduction
  • Full support for replication, direct path to tape, distributed deduplication, and centralized management
  • Provides single, consolidated resource for backup, recovery, DR protection, and long-term retention of physical and virtual servers

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Manufacturer Part #WVRSP-FLS1-001A
Manufacturer UPC #0768268035720
Cost Central Item #11728848
Product DescriptionQuantum vmPRO SmartMotion & SmartView - License - 1 TB capacity - initial order only
CategoryNetworking applications
SubcategoryNetwork - network backup
License TypeLicense
License Qty1 TB capacity
License PricingInitial order only

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CategoryNetworking applications
SubcategoryNetwork - network backup
License TypeLicense
License Qty1 TB capacity
License PricingInitial order only

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