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Mfg Part #: LX083-UX10W-5.0.7

SCO Group SCO OpenServer
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SCO not only grows your business, but now, with the introduction of new SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7, SCO continues to grow with your business. From the new SCO Update Service, which keeps you current on product improvements, to integration with the latest open source software, to a wider-than-ever range of hardware support options, SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 packs in all the functionality your business needs today and in the future. It's the kind of advantage you'd expect from SCO, the supplier of the most popular UNIX operating system for the Intel platform - in the world.

SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 is the successor to SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.6 and demonstrates the company's commitment to keeping its most popular OS performing reliably for thousands of customers around the globe. Whether you're a medium-sized business looking for tried and true performance at an affordable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), or an enterprise in need of unmatched reliability, scalability, and flexibility, SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 has what you need.

SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 comes with enhanced Hardware Support, including the addition of USB 2.0 integration, so you can stay current with the latest plug 'n' play standard. You can also continue to use your favorite software applications because this version comes with more of the leading Open Source tools. And with this release, you can get new SCO Update Service, which gives you access to the latest enhancements the moment they are available rather than having to wait for the normal 15 to 18 month release cycle. SCO Update Service makes it easier than ever to stay current with the latest technology advancements from SCO.

If you're a retail company or have replicated sites within a chain of businesses, or if you operate a small- to medium-sized business, then SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 is the right solution for you. SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 is easier to manage than ever before.

Plus you don't have to relearn a new system because SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 has all the core functions to which you've grown accustomed. Plus it runs on standard, Intel-based platforms, which are easy for your users to operate.

You'll also notice that this new release provides you with even greater stability and flexibility as it includes support for the latest hardware and software technology advancements. That means you can do what you need to do for your business, and SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 will do the rest.

Finally, you can be assured that the cost of the new operating system won't exhaust your IT budget. You can use low-cost Intel-based systems to run your business, and that saves you the time and expense of managing and deploying a proprietary system.

Easier to manage
Because SCO OpenServer takes full advantage of the open source software solutions, and runs on Intel-based hardware platforms, you know the technology that you add to your system will be easy to manage and adaptable to meet your needs. With your upgrade to SCO OpenServer you can continue to rely on technology you are familiar with, and you won't waste time relearning different technology approaches to achieve the same solution.

Greater stability
No one likes downtime, particularly not your users. You can add new devices and keep your system growing with the technology without concern about incompatibilities and missing support. SCO OpenServer 5.0. 7 has all the support you need for the hardware and software solutions. So your network will continue to run year after year.

Unmatched flexibility
You want to be able to make enhancements to your system without worrying about compatibility issues and technology conflicts. With SCO OpenServer 5.0. 7, you have the confidence of knowing your system will accommodate future changes because of the integration support with open source software. This way your system can grow flexibly and reliably over time, as you stay current with the latest technology advancements.

Affordable Total Cost of Ownership
SCO OpenServer is a system you're familiar with. That means no retraining or relearning a foreign system in order to keep up with technology advancements. And SCO OpenServer stays up and running reliably month after month so your maintenance costs can be kept at a minimum. What's more, SCO OpenServer is easy for you to maintain and support. In short, SCO OpenServer has all the attributes of a rock solid, dependable operating system platform.

Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

ManufacturerSCO Group
Manufacturer Part #LX083-UX10W-5.0.7
Manufacturer UPC #0761480517036
Cost Central Item #10562844
Product DescriptionSCO OpenServer - ( v. 5.0.7 ) - version / product upgrade license - 1 processor - upgrade from SCO MPX 3.0
Operating SystemSCO OpenServer 5.0.7
License TypeVersion / product upgrade license
License Qty1 processor
License PricingStandard

Extended Specifications

Operating SystemSCO OpenServer 5.0.7
Operating System
License TypeVersion / product upgrade license
License Qty1 processor
License PricingStandard

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