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Samsung AA-PA3NS90

Mfg Part #: AA-PA3NS90/US

Samsung AA-PA3NS90

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ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
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General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #AA-PA3NS90/US
Manufacturer UPC #0036725727946
Cost Central Item #11373423
Product DescriptionSamsung AA-PA3NS90 - Power adapter - AC 100-240 V - 90 Watt - 2 output connector(s) - for ATIV Book 2; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 9 Lite; 9 Plus; Series 5; 5 Chronos; 7; 7 Chronos; 9
Device TypePower adapter - external
Input VoltageAC 100-240 V
Power Capacity90 Watt
Output connector(s)4 pin USB Type A
Approximate Dimensions (WxDxH)4.7 in x 3 in x 0.6 in
Designed ForATIV Book 2; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 9 Lite; 9 Plus; E25X; E352; E372; N14X; N14X Plus; N250; N350; NB30 Plus; NC110; NC210; NF210; NS310; P580; QX310; QX410; QX510; RC510; RF410; RF51X; RF71X; RV51X; Series 2; 3; 4; 5; 5 Chromebook; 5 Chronos; 5 Ultra; 7; 7 Chronos; 7 Ultra; 9; SF310; SF410; SF51X

Extended Specifications

Device TypePower adapter - external
Power Device
Input VoltageAC 100-240 V
Power Output Connectors Details4 pin USB Type A
Power Capacity90 Watt
Dimensions & Weight
Approximate Width4.7 in
Approximate Depth3 in
Approximate Height0.6 in
Compatibility Information
Designed ForSamsung ATIV Book 2 270E4E, 270E5E, 275E5E
Samsung ATIV Book 4 470R5E
Samsung ATIV Book 5 540U4E
Samsung ATIV Book 6 680Z5E
Samsung ATIV Book 7 730U3E, 740U3E
Samsung ATIV Book 8 870Z5E
Samsung ATIV Book 9 900X3E, 900X3F, 900X4C, 900X4D
Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite 905S3GI, 915S3GI
Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus 940X3GI
Samsung Series 2 200B4A A01, 200B4A A02, 200B5A A02, 200B5A A03, 200B5AI, 200B5B A01
Samsung Series 3 300E, 300E4AI, 300E5A, 300E5AH, 300E5AI, 300E5Z-A01, 300E5ZH, 300E5ZI, 300E5Z-S02, 300E7, 300E7A, 300E7A-A01, 300E7A-A02, 300E7A-A04, 300E7AH, 300E7AI, 300E7A-S01, 300E7A-S02, 300E7A-S03, 300E7A-S04, 300E7A-S06, 300U1A, 300U1A-A01, 300U1A-A02, 300V, 300V3A, 300V3A-B01, 300V3AH, 300V3AI, 300V3A-S01, 300V3A-S03, 300V3A-S04, 300V4A-A03, 300V4AI, 300V5A, 300V5A-A01, 300V5A-A02, 300V5AH, 300V5A-H01, 300V5AI, 300V5A-S01, 300V5A-S02, 300V5A-S03, 300V5A-S08, 300V5A-S0A, 300V5A-S0C, 300V5Z, 300V5ZH, 300V5ZI, 305E5AI, 305U1A, 305U1A-A02, 305V4A, 305V5A1, 305V5AD, 305V5AD-S02, 305V5AI, 305V5A-S03, 305V5A-T01, 305V5A-T03, 350U, 350U2A, 350U2A-A01, 350U2A-A02, 350U2B, 350V, 355V
Samsung Series 4 400B2B, 400B2B A01, 400B2B H01, 400B4B, 400B4B A01, 400B4B H01, 400B4B S01, 400B4BI, 400B5B A01, 400B5B A02, 400B5B A03, 400B5B H01, 400B5B S02, 400B5B S03, 410B2B A01
Samsung Series 5 520U4C, 550P5C, 550P7C, 570Z5E
Samsung Series 5 Chromebook 500C21-A01, 500C21-H01
Samsung Series 5 Chronos 570Z5E
Samsung Series 5 Ultra
Samsung Series 7 740U3E, 770Z7E, Slate PC
Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z3AH, 700Z3A-S01, 700Z3A-S02, 700Z3A-S03, 700Z5A, 700Z5AH, 700Z5AI, 700Z5A-S01, 700Z5A-S02, 700Z5A-S04, 700Z5A-S05, 700Z5A-S06, 700Z5C, 700Z7C, 770Z5E, 770Z7E
Samsung Series 7 Ultra 730U3E, 740U3E
Samsung Series 9 900X1A, 900X1B, 900X3A-A01, 900X3A-B04, 900X3A-B05, 900X3A-B0B, 900X3B, 900X3C, 900X3C-A05, 900X3C-A06, 900X3C-AB1, 900X3D, 900X3D-A02, 900X3D-A03, 900X3E, 900X3F, 900X4B, 900X4C, 900X4D, 900X4D-A03

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