Sony BNE25RH

Mfg Part #: BNE25RH

Sony BNE25RH

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The essential media for full high-definition (1080p) recording and playback, Blu-ray disc rewritable BD-RE 25 GB media featuring Sony AccuCORE technology delivers the storage capacity, design, and enhanced protection to enjoy exceptional home entertainment.

With over five times the storage capacity of single-layer DVD media and five times the bit-transfer rate, Blu-ray disc guarantees brilliant playback. Ideal for movies, music, gaming, and PC applications, Blu-ray disc is the all-purpose media for the future - delivering enhanced storage and interactivity for an optimized recording experience.

25GB Capacity
Each disc can hold more than 5 standard DVDs.

Space for HD Video Recording
Massive hard disk backups and large multi-media files.

Fast Data Transfer Rate
Up to 72 Mbps.

Scratch Guard
Hard coating protects against scratches and prevents dust and stains.

Archival Reliability
Highly reliable recording material design resists image corruption and deterioration after long storage.

Stable Writing
High-precision disc layer provides a level of disc flatness, which results in lower errors while recording and playback.

Temperature Durability
High-precision disc structure made to prevent warping during severe changes in temperature and humidity.

Overwriting Reliability
New recording layer that is extremely durable under repeated rewrite cycles.

Product Highlights
  • Ideal for full high-definition (1080p) recording and playback
  • 25 GB capacity, bare disc
  • Data transfer rate: up to 72 Mbps
  • Scratch guard - hard coating that resists scratches, dust, and static
  • Archival reliability - special material design that prevents data and image corruption and deterioration to ensure quality playback
  • Stable writing - a uniform and precise cover layer that reduces fluctuation as the disc spins
  • Temperature durability - a high-precision disc structure helps prevent warping during severe changes in temperature and humidity

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #BNE25RH
Cost Central Item #11565554
Product DescriptionSony BNE25RH - BD-RE - 25 GB 1x - 2x - jewel case
Media Included Qty1
Native Capacity25 GB
Write Speed1x (min) - 2x (max)
FeaturesAccuCORE, HardCoat ScratchGuard
Package TypeJewel case

Extended Specifications

Media Included Qty1
Max. Write Speed2x
Min. Rewrite Speed1x
Native Capacity25 GB
FeaturesAccuCORE, HardCoat ScratchGuard
Package TypeJewel case

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