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Sony SSC-G813 - CCTV camera

Mfg Part #: SSCG203A

Sony SSC-G813 - CCTV camera

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A ½ inch CCD of the SSC-G813 works in conjunction with the built-in digital signal processor to deliver 540 TV lines of usable resolution, even in very poor lighting conditions. With a 12-bit color dynamic range, the camera retains clarity even in high contrast environments, reproducing brightly colored objects with increased depth. Dynamic noise reduction maximizes visible detail and limits the appearance of motion blur.

The SSC-G813 also comes equipped with an intelligent face detection function, flagging the appearance of faces in the image with the letters "FD" on the monitor. This is an advanced security camera you can rely on.

Excellent picture quality with the 1/2 Inch Exwave HAD CCD
Highly sensitive sensor developed for both day and night-time use. Works in very low light conditions - even as low as 0.28 lx.

Precise color reproduction
With a 12-bit color dynamic range the camera reproduces images more precisely than conventional cameras. Users can choose the most suitable color saturation level, according to the type of scene, the environment and the user's preference.

Superb 2D/3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR)
DNR technology eliminates noise and motion blur to reproduce distinct and clear images. The technology utilizes both an adaptive 2D filter and 3D filter according to the automatic gain control (AGC) value to reduce noise.

Optical day/night function
Optimizes sensitivity in day and night conditions. As night falls, an infra-red filter is automatically removed and the camera switches to monochrome. In this mode, the camera can acquire images in as little as 0.005 lx.

Intelligent face detection
These cameras come equipped with an intelligent face detection function. When the camera detects a face in the "sensing area" the letters "FD" appear on the monitor.

Advanced backlight compensation
The SSC-G813 automatically compensates for difficult backlighting conditions and retrieves detail in the foreground that would otherwise be lost.

Auto tracing white balance mode (ATW-PRO)
The ATW function automatically adjusts each camera's white balance to accommodate sudden changes in lighting conditions. The function has five modes: ATW, ATW-PRO, 5600K, 3200K and Manual. The ATW-PRO mode has the color temperature reference, so the camera can avoid excessive white balance adjustment.

Remote control capability
The SSC-G813 automatically compensates for difficult backlighting conditions and retrieves detail in the foreground that would otherwise be lost.

Digital zoom function
The camera can digitally zoom x2/x4/x8 and x16.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #SSCG203A
Cost Central Item #11388199
Product DescriptionSony SSC-G813 - CCTV camera - color
Device TypeCCTV camera

Extended Specifications

Device TypeCCTV camera

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