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Toshiba Battery Pack

Mfg Part #: PA5043U-1BRS

Toshiba Battery Pack
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Our Price$113.45
ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
Out of Stock as of 7:44am 4/3/2014

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #PA5043U-1BRS
Manufacturer UPC #0022265113769
Cost Central Item #11909430
Product DescriptionToshiba Battery Pack - Notebook battery - 1 x lithium ion 6-cell 6140 mAh - for Portégé R830, R830 3G/SSD-13, R830 3G-14, R930; Satellite R830, R930; Tecra R940
Device TypeNotebook battery
Approximate Weight11.1 oz
BatteryLithium ion 6-cell - 6140 mAh
Batteries Qty1
Approximate Dimensions (WxDxH)8.1 in x 1.9 in x 7.9 in
Manufacturer Warranty1 year warranty
Designed ForPortégé R830, R830 3G/SSD-13, R830 3G-14, R930; Satellite R830, R930; Tecra R940

Extended Specifications

Device TypeNotebook battery
Technology6-cell lithium ion
Voltage Provided10.8 V
Capacity6140 mAh
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support1 year warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 1 year
Dimensions & Weight
Approximate Width8.1 in
Approximate Depth1.9 in
Approximate Height7.9 in
Approximate Weight11.1 oz
Compatibility Information
Designed ForToshiba Portégé R830-003, R830-02F, R830-02P, R830-030, R830-031, R830-03X, R830-03Y, R830-05L, R830-06R, R830-08S, R830-0F5, R830-0F6, R830-0GE, R830-0H4, R830-0KF, R830-0KH, R830-104, R830-113, R830-115, R830-11K, R830-11M, R830-11Q, R830-130, R830-14M, R830-157, R830-16U, R830-17C, R830-17P, R830-17U, R830-180, R830-192, R830-194, R830-195, R830-19G, R830-19R, R830-1C8, R830-1DR, R830-1DT, R830-1DU, R830-1DX, R830-1DZ, R830-1ED, R830-1EE, R830-1EQ, R830-1FR, R830-1FT, R830-1G2, R830-1GC, R830-1GD, R830-1H5, R830-1HD, R830-1JK, R830-1JL, R830-1JM, R830-1JN, R830-1JP, R830-1JQ, R830-1JV, R830-1JX, R830-1JZ, R830-1K1, R830-1K2, R830-1KU, R830-1LC, R830-1M6, R830-1NX, R830-S8312, R830-S8322, R830-S8332, R830-SP3131L, R830-SP3137L, R930, R930-005, R930-006, R930-007, R930-008, R930-009, R930-00V, R930-05W, R930-05X, R930-06X, R930-06Y, R930-070, R930-071, R930-101, R930-109, R930-10G, R930-10H, R930-10J, R930-10M, R930-10P, R930-10V, R930-10X, R930-10Z, R930-115, R930-116, R930-117, R930-11C, R930-11H, R930-11J, R930-11W, R930-122, R930-126, R930-127, R930-12H, R930-12N, R930-12Q, R930-12V, R930-12W, R930-131, R930-133, R930-13H, R930-13U, R930-141, R930-144, R930-145, R930-146, R930-147, R930-148, R930-149, R930-14C, R930-14D, R930-14E, R930-14F, R930-14G, R930-14T, R930-14W, R930-14X, R930-14Z, R930-151, R930-152, R930-153, R930-154, R930-157, R930-158, R930-15D, R930-15E, R930-15F, R930-15G, R930-15L, R930-165, R930-16Z, R930-182, R930-18L, R930-18M, R930-18N, R930-18T, R930-1CK, R930-1CW, R930-1CX, R930-1CZ, R930-1D0, R930-1D7, R930-1FU, R930-1FV, R930-S9320, R930-S9330, R930-SP3243L, R930-SP3346L
Toshiba Satellite R830-10C, R830-10D, R830-131, R830-146, R830-16K, R830-17M, R830-181, R830-182, R830-1CF, R830-1CL, R830-1CM, R830-1CN, R830-1D8, R830-1DG, R830-1E2, R830-1F6, R830-1FJ, R830-1FZ, R830-1G0, R830-1G1, R830-1GZ, R830-1H3, R830-1JR, R830-1JU, R830-1L7, R930-15K, R930-16W, R930-1CV
Toshiba Tecra R940-1HV

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