Toshiba - Memory

Mfg Part #: PA5037U-1M8G

Toshiba - Memory
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General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #PA5037U-1M8G
Manufacturer UPC #0883974968206
Cost Central Item #11830755
Product DescriptionToshiba - Memory - 8 GB - SO DIMM 204-pin - DDR3 - 1600 MHz / PC3-12800 - unbuffered - non-ECC - for Portégé R930; Satellite C850, C855, C870, L55, L75, L830, L850, L855, P75, P875, U940/K002
Storage Capacity8 GB
Upgrade TypeSystem specific
TechnologyDDR3 SDRAM
Form FactorSO DIMM 204-pin
Memory Speed1600 MHz ( PC3-12800 )
Data Integrity CheckNon-ECC
Manufacturer Warranty2 years warranty
Designed ForPortégé R930; Qosmio X870; Satellite C55, C70, C75, C850, C850/04, C855, C870, C875, L55, L75, L830, L850, L850/05, L850D/001, L855, L870, L875, P75, P845, P850, P855, P870, P875, U840, U920, U920T/023, U940, U940/K002; Satellite Pro C850, C850/3005, C870, L850, L850/R001, L870; Tecra R940, R950

Extended Specifications

Storage Capacity8 GB
Upgrade TypeSystem specific
TechnologyDDR3 SDRAM
Form FactorSO DIMM 204-pin
Memory Speed1600 MHz ( PC3-12800 )
Data Integrity CheckNon-ECC
RAM FeaturesUnbuffered
Expansion / Connectivity
Compatible Slots1 x memory - SO DIMM 204-pin
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support2 years warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed ForToshiba Portégé R930-BT9300
Toshiba Qosmio X870-14W, X870-16E
Toshiba Satellite C55-A5243, C55-A5243NR, C55-A5246, C55-A5246NR, C55-A5249, C55D-A5240NR, C55Dt-A5250, C70-A-120, C75-A-10T, C75D-A7286, C850-1DZ, C850-1G6, C850-1GP, C850-1GQ, C850-1K7, C850-1K9, C850-1KG, C850-1M9, C850-1MH, C850-1MJ, C850-1MN, C850-1MZ, C850-1NM, C850-1NN, C850-1P6, C850-1PM, C850D-10J, C850D-12Q, C850D-137, C850D-13G, C855-1LP, C855-1QK, C855-1T4, C855-1UD, C855-21U, C855-22N, C855-23Z, C855-244, C855-245, C855-24C, C855-25T, C855-285, C855-28J, C855-2FG, C855-2G2, C855-2HC, C855-2HU, C855-2HV, C855-2HW, C855-2J2, C855-2J7, C855-2JK, C855-2KR, C855-2L9, C855-2LC, C855-2LJ, C855-2M1, C855-2M3, C855D-13T, C855D-14X, C855D-15V, C855D-170, C855D-S5203, C855D-S5238, C855D-SP5162KM, C855-S5107, C855-S5132NR, C855-S5236, C855-S5355, C855-S5630, C855-SP5266KM, C870-17Q, C870-17W, C870-1E8, C870-1H1, C870-1HR, C870-1J1, C870-1J4, C870-1JE, C870-1JL, C870-1JR, C870-1K1, C870D-12F, C870D-12M, C875-14Z, C875-S7132NR, L55t-A5290, L75D-A7268NR, L75D-A7280, L830-14J, L830-14M, L830-16E, L830-16G, L830-16M, L830-16W, L850-1F0, L850-1NP, L850-1T0, L850-1T5, L850-1T7, L850-1UT, L850-1V2, L850-1V6, L850-1VF, L850-1VV, L850-1WZ, L850-1XE, L850-1XK, L850-1Z2, L850D-13F, L855-14J, L855-15J, L855-162, L855-166, L855-16H, L855-171, L855-175, L855-176, L855-17Z, L855-180, L855D-10L, L855D-SP5169KM, L855D-SP5266KM, L855-S5121, L855-S5138NR, L855-S5157, L855-S5162, L855-S5163, L855-S5187, L855-S5372, L855-S5375, L870-17K, L870-192, L870-193, L870-196, L870-19N, L875D-10R, L875D-S7131NR, P75-A7200, P845-S4200, P845t-110, P845t-112, P850-335, P850-337, P855-33Q, P855-34L, P855-SP5302SL, P870-32P, P870-332, P870-333, P870-335, P870-338, P875-32K, P875-32L, P875-32Q, P875-32R, U840t-103, U920t-10P, U920t-10T, U920t-10W, U920t-116, U920t-11J, U940/K002, U940-12F, U940-SP4102GL
Toshiba Satellite Pro C850/3005, C850-1H3, C850-1HK, C850-1MW, L850/R001, L850-1Z8

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