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Toshiba Primary Battery Pack

Mfg Part #: PA3788U-1BRS

Toshiba Primary Battery Pack
Ordering Information
Our Price$113.45
ConditionNew and Factory Sealed
Out of Stock as of 2:47am 3/29/2014

The Toshiba Primary Battery Pack is a rechargeable, Lithium Ion battery. Used as either a spare or replacement battery, this battery pack meets or exceeds the specifications of the original battery that came with your notebook. It interfaces with the Toshiba Power Saver Utility on the notebook which features a charge indicator to help you monitor the available power.

General Specifications

Manufacturer Part #PA3788U-1BRS
Manufacturer UPC #0883974293162
Cost Central Item #11081481
Product DescriptionToshiba Primary Battery Pack - Notebook battery - 1 x lithium ion 6-cell 5100 mAh - for Satellite Pro S500; Tecra A11, A11 3G-13, M11, S11
Device TypeNotebook battery
Approximate Weight11.5 oz
BatteryLithium ion 6-cell - 5100 mAh
Batteries Qty1
Run Time (Up To)4.6 hours
Approximate Dimensions (WxDxH)8.1 in x 1.8 in x 0.8 in
Manufacturer Warranty1 year warranty
Designed ForSatellite Pro S500; Tecra A11, A11 3G-13, M11, S11

Extended Specifications

Device TypeNotebook battery
Technology6-cell lithium ion
Voltage Provided10.8 V
Capacity5100 mAh
Run Time (Up To)4.6 hrs
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support1 year warranty
Service & Support DetailsLimited warranty - 1 year
Dimensions & Weight
Approximate Width8.1 in
Approximate Depth1.8 in
Approximate Height0.8 in
Approximate Weight11.5 oz
Compatibility Information
Designed ForToshiba Satellite Pro S500-0EE, S500-0HS, S500-12M, S500-12Z, S500-130, S500-133, S500-138, S500-139, S500-13L, S500-140, S500-141, S500-144, S500-147, S500-14L, S500-14M, S500-14Z, S500-150, S500-155, S500-156, S500-158, S500-159, S500-15C, S500-15E, S500-15K, S500-15W
Toshiba Tecra A11-07G, A11-07H, A11-07J, A11-103, A11-105, A11-10M, A11-11D, A11-11K, A11-123, A11-12D, A11-14P, A11-15D, A11-15P, A11-16L, A11-16M, A11-16W, A11-17N, A11-17T, A11-182, A11-183, A11-186, A11-187, A11-188, A11-18C, A11-18M, A11-19C, A11-19E, A11-19K, A11-19L, A11-19M, A11-19N, A11-19P, A11-19V, A11-1C1, A11-1CF, A11-1CP, A11-1CV, A11-1D1, A11-1D2, A11-1D4, A11-1D7, A11-1D9, A11-1DC, A11-1DT, A11-1E5, A11-1E6, A11-1E7, A11-1EE, A11-1EG, A11-1EH, A11-1EJ, A11-1ET, A11-1EU, A11-1EV, A11-1EW, A11-1F4, A11-1FM, A11-1FP, A11-1FR, A11-1FW, A11-1FX, A11-1FZ, A11-1G1, A11-1G6, A11-1G7, A11-1G8, A11-1G9, A11-1GE, A11-1GJ, A11-1HE, A11-1HK, A11-1HL, A11-1HP, A11-1HX, A11-1HZ, A11-1J2, A11-1J7, A11-1J9, A11-1JL, A11-1JQ, A11-1Jw, A11-1JZ, A11-EV1, A11-S3512, A11-S3522, A11-S3532, A11-S3541, A11-SP5003L, A11-SP5003M, A11-SP5010L, A11-SP5010M, A11-SP5011L, A11-SP5011M, A11-ST3500, A11-ST3501, A11-ST3503, A11-ST3504, A11-W3540, A11-W3541, M11-035, M11-036, M11-037, M11-047, M11-049, M11-04K, M11-05T, M11-12T, M11-12U, M11-130, M11-135, M11-137, M11-13X, M11-14C, M11-14D, M11-14L, M11-15U, M11-15W, M11-15X, M11-15Z, M11-162, M11-16C, M11-16R, M11-174, M11-177, M11-17E, M11-17M, M11-17T, M11-17U, M11-17V, M11-17W, M11-17Z, M11-180, M11-18D, M11-192, M11-19C, M11-19D, M11-S3412, M11-S3422, M11-SP4002L, M11-SP4002M, M11-ST3503, M11-ST3504, M11-ST3510, M11-W3421, M11-W3422, S11-0CN, S11-0CP, S11-0CQ, S11-0CR, S11-0CS, S11-0LW, S11-104, S11-10E, S11-10F, S11-126, S11-13X, S11-14M, S11-14N, S11-14P, S11-14R, S11-14T, S11-14U, S11-154, S11-15G, S11-15H, S11-15L, S11-15M, S11-15N, S11-160, S11-166, S11-167, S11-168, S11-16G, S11-16P, S11-172, S11-173

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