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Zebra Technologies ZebraCare Depot Extended Warranty Standard with Comprehensive

Mfg Part #: CA0-ZX81-5C0

Zebra Technologies ZebraCare Depot Extended Warranty Standard with Comprehensive

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ZebraCare Depot Standard service agreements cover all the labor and parts required to keep your printers operating at the high performance levels you have come to expect from Zebra. All Zebra printers returned for service under this agreement will receive a complete preventative maintenance procedure and will be returned to you quickly, at no additional cost.

Reliable quality
Especially certified and trained Zebra technicians use only genuine Zebra parts to guarantee exceptional service performance for your Zebra printer.

Easy and cost-effective agreements
Multi-level agreements and set pricing help you to easily select, budget, manage and renew the right agreement for your needs.

Real care, zebraCare
ZebraCare Depot Service Agreements are designed to incorporate the same exacting standards as Zebra's printers; ZebraCare customers enjoy the same commitment to reliable and trouble-free service for which Zebra is known.

Easy to purchase, easy to use, easy to see why
ZebraCare Depot delivers continued quality, security, and peace of mind. With specially certified and trained Zebra technicians and genuine Zebra parts, there is no better service alternative for the long-term life of your Zebra printer than a ZebraCare Depot Service Agreement.

Product Highlights
  • Traditional flexibility

Please note that this item is a license and not a boxed item.

General Specifications

ManufacturerZebra Technologies
Manufacturer Part #CA0-ZX81-5C0
Cost Central Item #11435657
Product DescriptionZebraCare Depot Extended Warranty Standard with Comprehensive - Insurance - parts and labor - 3 years ( 3rd, 4th and 5th year ) - carry-in - for P/N: Z82-0M0C0I52US00, Z82-0M0C0I56US00, Z82-0M0W0000US00, Z82-AM0C0I52US00
Service IncludedParts and labor
Full Contract Period3 years
Support Period3rd, 4th and 5th year
Designed ForP/N: Z81-000CD000EM00, Z81-000W0000US00, Z81-0M0CD000EM00, Z81-0M0W0000US00, Z81-E0AC0000US00, Z81-E0ACD000US00, Z81-EM0C0000US00, Z81-EM0CD000US00, Z81-EMAC0000US00, Z81-EMACD000US00, Z82-000W0000US00, Z82-0M0C0I52US00, Z82-0M0C0I56US00, Z82-0M0CD000EM00, Z82-0M0W0000US00, Z82-AM0C0I52US00

Extended Specifications

Service IncludedParts and labor
Full Contract Period3 years
Support Period3rd, 4th and 5th year
Service & Support DetailsInsurance - parts and labor - 3 years - carry-in
Extended service agreement - preventive maintenance - 3 years
Technical support - cleaning - 3 years
Accidental damage coverage - 3 years
Compatibility Information
Designed ForP/N: Z81-000C0000EM00, Z81-000C0000US00, Z81-000CD000EM00, Z81-000CD000US00, Z81-000W0000US00, Z81-00AC0000EM00, Z81-00AC0000US00, Z81-00ACD000US00, Z81-0M0C0000EM00, Z81-0M0C0000US00, Z81-0M0CD000EM00, Z81-0M0CD000US00, Z81-0M0W0000US00, Z81-0MAC0000EM00, Z81-0MAC0000US00, Z81-0MACD000US00, Z81-A00C0000EM00, Z81-A00C0000US00, Z81-A00CD000US00, Z81-A0AC0000EM00, Z81-A0AC0000US00, Z81-A0ACD000US00, Z81-AM0C0000EM00, Z81-AM0C0000US00, Z81-AM0CD000US00, Z81-AMAC0000EM00, Z81-AMAC0000US00, Z81-AMACD000US00, Z81-E00C0000EM00, Z81-E00C0000US00, Z81-E00CD000US00, Z81-E0AC0000EM00, Z81-E0AC0000US00, Z81-E0ACD000US00, Z81-EM0C0000EM00, Z81-EM0C0000US00, Z81-EM0CD000US00, Z81-EMAC0000EM00, Z81-EMAC0000US00, Z81-EMACD000US00, Z82-000C0000EM00, Z82-000C0000US00, Z82000C0000US00OPE, Z82-000CD000EM00, Z82-000CD000US00, Z82-000W0000US00, Z82-00AC0000EM00, Z82-00AC0000US00, Z82-00ACD000US00, Z82-0M0C0000EM00, Z82-0M0C0000US00, Z82-0M0C0I52US00, Z82-0M0C0I56US00, Z82-0M0CD000EM00, Z82-0M0CD000US00, Z82-0M0W0000US00, Z82-0MAC0000EM00, Z82-0MAC0000US00, Z82-0MACD000US00, Z82-A00C0000EM00, Z82-A00C0000US00, Z82-A00CD000US00, Z82-A0AC0000EM00, Z82-A0AC0000US00, Z82-A0ACD000US00, Z82-AM0C0000EM00, Z82-AM0C0000US00, Z82-AM0C0I52US00, Z82-AM0CD000EM00, Z82-AM0CD000US00, Z82-AMAC0000EM00, Z82-AMAC0000US00, Z82-AMACD000EM00, Z82-AMACD000US00, Z82-E00C0000EM00, Z82-E00C0000US00, Z82-E00CD000US00, Z82-E0AC0000EM00, Z82-E0AC0000US00, Z82-E0ACD000US00, Z82-EM0C0000EM00, Z82-EM0C0000US00, Z82-EM0CD000US00, Z82-EMAC0000EM00, Z82-EMAC0000US00, Z82-EMACD000US00

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